Our open frame power supply products start at 5W, ranging up to 300W, are available in single and multi outputs, AC/DC or DC/DC, and include ranges with battery backup channels and others suitable for medical applications.Open frame PSU

The range includes many common form factors for open frame power supply units including 4″ x 2″ and 5″ x 3″; available voltages start as low as 3.3V, through to 48V. The open frame power supply range includes pcb mount (on-board), green mode and medical types in a choice of single, dual, triple and quad outputs. Green mode models are suitable for ErP regulated end systems, Medical PCB models are medical safety approved (2xMOPP); all other models are industrial safety approved.

Open frame PSU

Open frame power supply products offer the most flexibility as they can be installed directly into customer systems, easily have cable looms fitted and can even be packaged into metal cases for those applications that benefit from an enclosed power structure.


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  Number of Outputs
Model Power 1 2 3 4
PS-05 Series 5W      
NFM-05 Series 5W Medical PSU      
NFM-10 Series 10W Medical PSU      
PS-15 Series 15W      
NFM-15 Series 15W Medical PSU      
NFM-20 Series 20W Medical PSU      
PS-25 Series 25W      
EPS-25 Series 25W      
PD-25 Series 25W      
PD-2503 25W      
SPP-AS20 25.6W      
SPP-AS21 26.9W      
PLP-30 Series 30W for LED Lighting      
SNP-903 Series 30W      
SPP-AS Series 26.4 – 31.2W      
SPP-A Series 20 – 32W      
SPP-A Single 20 – 32W      
SPP-A Dual 20 – 32W      
EPS-35 Series 35W      
PS-35 Series 35W      
SPP-B Series 20 – 45W      
SPP-C Series Single 28 – 45W      
SPP-C Series Dual 28 – 45W      
SPP-C Triple Series 28 – 45W      
SPP-D Single Series 30 – 45W      
SPP-D Dual Series 30 – 45W      
SPP-D Triple Series 30 – 45W      
PLP-45 Series 45W for LED Lighting      
EPS-45 Series 45W      
PS-45 Series 45W      
PD-45 Series 45W      
PT-45 Series 45W      
PT-4503 45W      
SPP-B Triple Series 20 – 45W      
SPP-E Dual Series 20 – 50W      
SPP-E Triple Series 20 – 50W      
LPS-50 Series 50W      
SPL-055-D1 55W      
SNP-YL6 S Series 60W      
PSC-60 Series 60W      
RPS-60 Series 60W Medical PSU      
RPT-60 Series 60W Medical PSU      
PLP-60 Series 60W for LED Lighting      
SNP-YL6 D Series 60W      
RPD-60 Series 60W Medical PSU      
SNP-YL6 Q Series 60W      
SNP-YL6 T Series 60W      
SPP-F Single Series 40 – 65W      
SPP-F Dual Series 40 – 65W      
SPP-F Triple Series 40 – 65W      
SPP-F Quad Series 40 – 65W      
PS-65 Series 65W      
RPD-65 Series 65W      
RPT-65 Series 65W      
EPS-65 Series 65W      
PD-65 Series 65W      
PT-65 Series 65W      
PT-6503 65W      
SPP-G Single Series 60 – 70W      
SPP-G Dual Series 60 – 70W      
SPP-G Triple Series 60 – 70W      
SPP-G Quad Series 60 – 70W      
LPS-75 Series 75W      
ELP-75 Series 75W with PFC function      
SPP-075-D Series 75W      
SPL-075-D1 75W      
SPP-075-T Series 75W      
SPL-075-Q1 75W      
LPS-100 Series 100W      
PQ-100 Series 100W      
SPP-100P Series 100W      
EPP-100 Series 100W with PFC Function      
LPP-100 Series 100W with PFC Function      
PSC-100 Series 100W with Battery Charger (UPS) Function      
PD-110 Series 100W      
PPQ-100 Series 100W With PFC Function      
SPP-110-D1 110W      
SPP-110-Q1 110W      
PS-120 P Series 120W      
PPS-125 Series 125W with PFC Function      
PPT-125 Series 125W with PFC Function      
ASP-150 Series 150W      
SNP-G12 Series 150W      
EPP-150 Series 150W with PFC Function      
LPP-150 Series 150W with PFC Function      
SNP-X12 Series 120W AC-DC ITE & Medical      
SPP-150P Series 155W      
RPSG-160 Series 160W with 5Vsb      
PSC-160 Series 160W with Battery Charger (UPS Function)      
RPDG-160 Series 160W & 5Vsb Open Frame Power Supply      
RPTG-160 Series 160W with 5Vsb      
PPS-200 Series 200W with PFC Function      
PID-250 Series 250W Isolated with PFC Function PSU      
EPP-300 Series 300W with PFC Function      
RPS-300 Series 300W Medical Type Power Supply      
MOZP-350 Series 350W