LED Lighting Power Supplies from Avanti are available in ranges from 6W to 320W and come in many different forms for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting installations.

Our Constant Current LED Lighting Power Supply range offers currents from 350mA to 1400mA; whilst the Constant Voltage LED Lighting Power Supply range starts at 5V going through to 52V.LED Lighting - APV-16jpg


Both types of LED lighting power supply offer high efficiencies, PFC, are available with Class II or Class I Input; IP ratings against dust and moisture from IP20 through to IP67 and protection for short circuit, over voltage, overload and over temperature conditions. With additional options such adjustable outputs and PWM, 1-10V, Resistive or triac dimming functionsLED lighting - LPF-25-mwd.

A comprehensive range of IP Rated/Waterproof AC/DC LED lighting power supplies suitable for use in a range of Lighting applications, including Architectural Lighting, Task Lighting, Medical Lighting, Transportation Lighting, Entertainment Lighting, Lit Signage & Moving Signs, Safety & Security Lighting and Outdoor Area Lighting Applications. LED Lighting power supplies, Halogen Lighting Power Supplies & LED Drivers in constant voltage or constant current models and IP64, IP65, IP66 or IP67 rated. Our range of LED lighting power supplies also includes LED drivers, constant current driver, led dimmable power supply, dimmable power supplies and dimmable drivers.

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Model Power Watts Model Power Watts
PCC6 Series 06 Watts   LPF-60D Series 60 Watts
PCC1 08 Watts   LPV-60 Series 60 Watts
PCC2 09 Watts   PCC60 Series 60 Watts
PCC 9TD Series 09 Watts   PCD-60 Series 60 Watts
PCV1 10 Watts   PLC-60 Series 60 Watts
APC-12 Series 12 Watts   PLD-60 Series 60 Watts
APV-12 Series 12 Watts   PLN-60 Series 60 Watts
PCC12 Series 12 Watts   HVG-65A Series 65 Watts
PCC 12TD Series 12 Watts   HVG-65B Series 65 Watts
PLM-12 Series 12 Watts   HVGC-65A Series 65 Watts
APC-16 Series 16 Watts   HLG-60H-CA 70 Watts
APV-16 Series 16 Watts   HLG-60H-CB 70 Watts
LPF-16 Series 16 Watts   HSG-70 Series 70 Watts
LPF-16D Series 16 Watts   CEN-75 Series 75 Watts
PCD-16B Series 16 Watts   PLNV-075ST Series 75 Watts
PLD-16A Series 16 Watts   HLG-80H Series 80 Watts
PLD-16B Series 16 Watts   HLG-80H-A Series  80 Watts
LPH-18 Series 18 Watts   HLG-80H-B Series  80 Watts
LPHC-18 Series 18 Watts   HLN- 80H Series  80 Watts
LPL-18 Series 18 Watts   HLN- 80H A series 80 Watts
LPLC-18 Series 18 Watts   HLP-80H Series 80 Watts
PCC 18 Series 18 Watts   HLG-80H-CA Series  90 Watts
PCC 18TD Series 18 Watts   HLG-80H-CB Series 90 Watts
LPC-20 Series 20 Watts   LPF-90 Series 90 Watts
LPV-20 Series 20 Watts   LPF-90D Series 90 Watts
PCC20 Series 20 Watts   NPF-90 Series 90 Watts
PLN-20 Series 20 Watts   PWM-90 Series 90 Watts
APC-25 Series 25 Watts   CEN-100 Series 100 Watts
APV-25 Series 25 Watts   CLG-100 Series 100 Watts
LCM-25 25 Watts   HBG-100 Series 100 Watts
LCM-25DA 25 Watts   HBG-100A Series 100 Watts
LPF-25 Series 25 Watts   HBG-100B Series 100 Watts
LPF-25D Series 25 Watts   HLG-100H Series 100 Watts
PCD-25-B Series 25 Watts   HLG-100H-A Series 100 Watts
PLD-25 Series 25 Watts   HLG-100H-B Series 100 Watts
PLM-25 Series 25 Watts   LPV-100 Series 100 Watts
PLEC-026S-DS Series 26 Watts   PLC-100 Series 100 Watts
PLEC-026S-PS Series 26 Watts   PLN-100 Series 100 Watts
ELN-30 Series  30 Watts   PLNV-100SST Series 100 Watts
ELN-30-D Series 30 Watts   HLG-120 Series 120 Watts
ELN-30-P Series 30 Watts   HLG-120 – A Series 120 Watts
PLC-30 Series 30 Watts   HLG-120 – B Series 120 Watts
PLN-30 Series 30 Watts   CLG-150 Series 150Watts
PLNV-030S Series 30 Watts   CLG-150A Series  150 Watts
APC-35 Series 35 Watts   CLG-150-B Series 150 Watts
APV-35 Series 35 Watts   CLG-150-C Series 150 Watts
LPC-35 Series 35 Watts   HLG-120H-CA Series 150Watts
LPV-35 Series 35 Watts   HLG-120H-CB Series 150Watts
PCC 36 Series 36 Watts   HLG-150H Series 150 Watts
PCC 36TD Series 36 Watts   HLG-150H-A Series 150 Watts
PLEC-036S-DT 36 Watts   HLG-150H-B Series 150 Watts
PLEC-036S-ST 36 Watts   HLG-150H-D Series 150 Watts
HLG-40H Series 40 Watts   HVG-150A Series 150 Watts
HLG-40H-A Series 40 Watts   HVG-150B Series 150 Watts
HLG-40H-B Series 40 Watts   HVGC-150A Series 150 Watts
HLN-40H-A Series 40 Watts   HVGC-150B Series 150 Watts
HLN-40H-B Series 40 Watts   PLNV-150SST Series 150 Watts
HLP-40H Series 40 Watts   ULP-150 Series 150 Watts
LCM-40 40 Watts   HBG-160 Series 160 Watts
LCM-40DA 40 Watts   HBG-160A Series 160 Watts
LPF-40 Series 40 Watts   HBG-160B Series 160 Watts
LPF-40D Series 40 Watts   HLG-185H Series 185 Watts
PCD-40 Series 40 Watts   LDV-185 Series 185 Watts
PLD-40 Series 40 Watts   LDV-185-D Series 185 Watts
PLM-40 Series 40 Watts   PLNV-200SST Series 200 Watts
PLEC-042S-DS 42 Watts   HBG-240 Series 240 Watts
PLEC-042S-PS 42 Watts   HBG-240A Series 240 Watts
PLC-45 Series 45 Watts   HBG-240B Series 240 Watts
PLN-45 Series 45 Watts    HDP-240 Series 240 Watts
PLL-CV05-1X 50 Watts   HLG-240H Series 240 Watts
PLNV-050S Series 50 Watts   HLG-240H-A Series 240 Watts
PLEC-052S-DT 52 Watts   HLG-240H-B Series 240 Watts
PLEC-052S-ST 52 Watts   HLG-240H-C Series 240 Watts
CEN-60 Series 60 Watts   HLG-240H-CA Series 240 Watts
CLG-60 Series 60 Watts   HLG-240H-CB Series 240 Watts
ELN-60 Series 60 Watts    HLG-320H Series 320 Watts
ELN-60-D Series 60 Watts    HLG-320H-A Series  320 Watts
ELN-60-P Series 60 Watts   HLG-320H-B Series  320 Watts
HLG-60H Series 60 Watts   HLG-320H-C Series  320 Watts
HLG-60H-A Series 60 Watts   SS-400MS-5 Series 400 Watts
HLG-60H-B Series 60 Watts   HLG-600H-A Series 600 Watts
HLP-60H Series 60 Watts   HLG-600H-B Series 600 Watts
LCM-60 60 Watts   DAP-04
LCM-60DA 60 Watts    
LPC-60 Series 60 Watts    
LPF-60 Series 60 Watts