EPS-25 Series

Factory automation

Electrical or mechanical equipment
Applications which require low no load power consumption

EPS-25 Series
Universal AC input/Full range

High efficiency up to 90%
Protections: Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage
Cooling by free air convection
2″ x 3″ compact size
LED indicator for power on
No load power consumption <0.3W
Part Number Voltage Current (amps) Power (watts)
EPS-25-3-3 3.3V 5A 16.5W
EPS-25-5 5V 5A 25W
EPS-25-7-5 7.5V 3.4A 25.5W
EPS-25-12 12V 2.1A 25.2W
EPS-25-15 15V 1.7A 25.5W
EPS-25-24 24V 1.05A 25.2W
EPS-25-27 27V 0.95A 25.65W
EPS-25-36 36V 0.7A 25.2W
EPS-25-48 48V 0.53A 25.44W

The EPS-25 series is a 25W miniature 3″ x 2″ open frame power supply, with up to date high efficiency circuit design the series possesses up to 90% of high efficiency. With protections including short circuit, overload and over voltage and standard features including no-load power consumption, cooling by free air convection and LED indicator for power on.