We offer a variety of PCB Mounts in single, dual and triple outputs, power
levels of 5W to 30W and output voltages of 3.3V to 24V. Our PCB Mount power supply range includes models for general medical or for industrial usage with safety approvals for industrial IT and medical applications.

PCB Mounts - ASC-D SeriesPCB Mounts - NFM-10 Series

PCB mount power supplies from Avanti are designed in encapsulated and
open frame versions for mounting onto the same PCB as other components, to save space and making them ideal for low profile applications.




Power Watts

APC Series 5W Single

APC-D Series

5W Dual

NFM-05 Series

5W Single

IRM-05 Series

 5W Single Output

AFC Series

10W Single

ATC D Series

10W Dual

ATC-S Series 10W Single
NFM-10 Series 10W Single
IRM-10 Series 10W Single Output

ANC-D Series

15W Dual

ANC-S Series

15W Single

ANC-T Series

15W Triple

EPS-15 Series

15W Single

NFM-15 Series

15W Single

PM-15 Series

15W Single

IRM-15 Series

15W Single Output

SKM15A Series

15W Single Output 9-18VDC Input

SKM15B Series

15W Single Output 18-36VDC Input
SKM15C Series 15W Single Output 36-75VDC Input

NFM-20 Series

20W Single

PM-20 Series

20W Single

ASC-D Series

30W Dual

ASC-S Series

30W Single

ASC-T Series

30W Triple

LDH-45A Series

45W 9-18VDC Input

LDH-45AW Series

45W 9-18VDC Input

LDH-45B Series

45W 18-32VDC Input