Power inverters change direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) and, in doing so, provide usable power from batteries and charging for a whole host of applications.

Inverters - A300-150 Series

Our power inverters come in varying dimensions and offer a range of 100W to 3000W of power. Pure Sine Wave inverter products are capable of driving highly reactive and capacitive loads from start up and as intelligent 3 stage leisure battery chargers.

Avanti Power Repairs versatile range of power inverters are typically used as the main power source, or as a back-up power supply, for marine and leisure equipment. This includes chargers for wheelchairs, golf carts, motor cycles, caravans, yachts, power tools and car batteries as well as other electronic domestic and commercial equipment. In addition, we also sell solar trickle chargers and solar inverters for car batteries.

Inverters - A300-600 Series

All of our inverters come with battery low alarm, battery low shutdown, over voltage, over temperature, input polarity reverse and over load protections as standard. Additional features can include built-in USB interface, Power ON/OFF switch, remote controlling and standby saving mode.

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Power Watts

A300 – 100 Series

100 Watts

A300-150 Series

150 Watts

TS-200 Series

200 Watts


207 Watts

A300-300 Series

300 Watts

TS-400 Series

400 Watts

A300-600 Series

600 Watts

TS-700 Series

700 Watts

A300 – 1K0- F4 Series

1000 Watts

TS-1000 Series

1000 Watts

A300-1K7 Series

1500 Watts

TN-1500 Series

1500 Watts

TS 1500 Series

1500 Watts

A300-2K5 Series


TN-3000 Series

3000 Watts

TS-3000 Series

3000 Watts