Battery Chargers

We offer a wide range of battery chargers 6V and 12V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) that provide intelligent and automatic charge functions as two stage Three stage, dual stage and constant voltage options.PB-1000 Series

Battery Chargers suitable for charging vehicles ranging from motor cycles to trucks, marine applications, leisure vehicles such as caravans and household appliances.

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Voltage Model Power Watts
3.3V ~ 48V GS15A Series 12 – 15W
3.3V ~ 48V GS15B Series 7 – 15W
13.8V ~ 27.6V DRC-40 Series – UPS Function 40W
12V BCAD12-4-U 48W
13.8V ~ 27.6V DRC-60 Series – UPS Function 60W
13.8V ~ 27.6V DRC-100 Series – UPS Function 100W
13.8V ~ 27.6V PSC-100 Series 100W
13.8V ~ 27.6V PSC-100C Series 100W
14V ~ 55.2V PA-120 C Series 99 – 121W
14V ~ 55.2V PA-120 P Series 99 – 121W
14V ~ 55.2V PB-120 C Series 99 – 121W
14V ~ 55.2V PB-120 P Series 99 – 121W
14V ~ 52V ESC-120 Series 108W
13.6V ~ 54.4V GC120 Series 102 – 120W
13.8V ~ 27.6V PSC-160 Series 160W
13.8V ~ 27.6V PSC-160-C Series 160W
14.4V ~ 54.4V GC220 Series 184 – 218W
14V ~ 54V ESC-240 Series 216W
14.4V ~ 57.6V PB-230 230W
14.4V ~ 28.8V PB-300P Series 300W
40.8V ~ 54.4V GC330 Series 330W
12V ~ 24V PB-360P Series 360W
13.6V ~ 54.4V HEP-600C Series 600W
12V ~ 48V PB-600 Series 600W
12V ~ 48V PB-1000 Series 1000W