Avanti’s FAQ Forum

Have a question regarding our services? Not to worry, take a look below at our FAQ forum. You may find the answer there. If not please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details can be found on our contact us page. 

Do Avanti Power Repairs Ltd repair or sell any make of power supply ?

Yes, we are willing to sell and repair any brand of power supply. It should be noted though that some types are unlikely to be economical to repair. If you are in need of a unit we would source this unit or find a replacement for you.

Do you charge to examine a PSU?
No. Evaluation is free, providing you have contacted us prior to sending it in. We do not cover return shipping costs for overseas customers, or for PSU’s that are sent to us without prior contact.

Is there a charge if you accept a PSU for repair, but later find repair is not feasible?
No. If we cannot repair your PSU, due to unforeseen reasons, there will be no service charge. We can either return the product in an un-serviced condition or, alternatively, we can dispose of the product at your request.

What warranty do you give with the repair?
We offer a 3-month warranty on all repairs.

Do you repair for non-EU customers?
Yes We are happy to service units from any country. For customers outside of the EU there are shipping instructions that need to be followed to avoid duty being charged on repaired PSUs (and avoid customs duty being charged to us, which would have to be passed back to you).

What are your payment methods?
For existing customers, with a credit account, our terms are 30 days. For customers without an account, payment is required prior to the repair unit being returned. The following payment methods are accepted: – Cheque, BACS

How long will a repair take?
This is dependent on the nature of the repair, and will generally be between 2 and 15 days.

If we don’t accept your quote, how much is return shipment?
For UK customers, that have contacted us in advance, there is no charge. Unfortunately, we are unable to cover return shipping costs for overseas customers.

In the event that repair is not possible, can you supply a replacement PSU?
This depends on the individual supply. We are able to offer a large variety of both standard off the shelf and custom power solutions.