Adaptors from Avanti Power Repairs range from 1.8W to 30W and are designed for a diverse range of domestic and commercial electrical purposes. Suitable applications may include, but are certainly not limited to, audio and visual equipment, broadcasting, security systems, IT equipment, telecommunications, retail and POS devices as well as digital photography.

Avanti Power Repairs adaptors are available as Regulated Linear, Unregulated Liner or Switched Mode and offer AC/AC or AC/DC mains power, single fixed voltage or variable outputs from 3.3V to 48V.

The adaptors power supply range includes products with interchangeable AC plugs, so one power supply can be used for all your needs when travelling as well.


Other features include over voltage, over load and short circuit protection, LED power on indicator, auto recovery protection and durable casing.

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Power Watts

6V ~ 24V  LG RBS-TP Series 1.8 – 7 Watt
5V ~ 24V GE12 Series 10 – 12 Watt
5V ~ 24V GS12E Series 10 – 12 Watt
5V ~ 24V GS12U Series 10 – 12 Watt
5V ~ 24V EA1015 Series 10 – 15 Watt
5V ~ 24V EA1015R Series 10 – 15 Watt
5V ~ 48V GE18 Series 12 – 18 Watt
5V ~ 48V GE24 Series 15 – 24 Watt
5V ~ 8V  EA1030AR Series 25 Watt
14.2 ~ 20V EA1030CR Series 30 Watt
22V ~ 34V EA1030DR Series 30 Watt