Avanti Power extensive collection of desktop power supplies can be easily used in numerous electrical applications such as security systems, telecommunications, audio visual equipment, broadcasting, digital photography, POS, retail and for many other general IT needs.
Desktop - GSM90B Series
Our desktop power supplies are available with output voltages ranging from 3.3V to 48V in single, dual or triple output modules. You can choose from Switchmode, Linear, Regulated and Unregulated units.

Typical features in Avanti’s range of desktop power supplies include a power on indicator, Universal AC input, no minimum load requirements, auto recovery, compliance with CEC efficiency regulations, robust casing and over voltage, over current, short circuit and open circuit protection.
Desktop - MES30A

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Voltage Model Power Watts     Page Model Power Watts
5V GS05E-USB 5 W     30 P50A-T Series 46.5 ~  50W
3.3V ~ 48V ES18A Series 9 ~ 18W     31 EA1050C Series 50W
5V ~ 24V SPD-A15 Series 12.5 ~ 15W     32 EA1050D Series 50W
3.3V ~ 48V P30B Series 12~27W     33 EA1050A Series 60W
3.3V ~ 48V P40A Series 15 ~ 40W     34 EA1050B Series 60W
3.3V ~ 48V P40B Series 15 ~ 40W     35 GS60 Series 60W
3.3V ~ 48V MES30A Series 16.5 ~ 30W     36 GSM60A Series 60W
3.3V ~ 48V MES30B Series 16.5 ~ 30W     37 SB60 Series 60W
3.3V ~ 48V GS18A Series 18W     38 SPD-A60 Series 60W
3.3V ~ 48V GS18B Series 18W     39 EA1071 Series 70W
11 GSM18B Series 18W     40 SNP-A08 Series 80W
12 SA06N-V Series 20W     41 U65S Series 80W
13 SA06N-U Series 20W     42 EA10953 Series 90W
14 EA1020x1 Series 20W     43 EA1098 Series 90W
15 ES25A Series 20 ~ 25W     44 GS90 Series 90W
16 MES50A Series 24 ~ 50W     45 GSM90B Series 90W
17 P25A-D Series 25W     46 NPF-90 Series 90W
18 P25B-D Series 25W     47 FM90C Series 90W
19 GSM25B Series 25W     48 SNP-A10 Series 100W
20 GS25A Series 25W     49 ATX-100 100W
21 GS25B Series 25W     50 EA11203B Series 102 ~ 120W
22 EA10301 Series 30W     51 GS120 Series 120W
23 GC30B Series 30W     52 AS-120P Series 120W
24 SPD-B30 Series 30W     53 PS-120 C Series 120W
25 EA1060 Series 36W     54 SPD-A150P Series 150W
26 EA1050F Series 36W     55 GS160 160W
27 EA1036 Series 36W     56 GS220 Series 220W
28 GS40 Series 40W     57 GS280 Series 280W
29 GSM40A Series 40W     58 Cables  



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