3y power





Below is a list of any 3y power power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


RA-4022A-01A YH6212-3AxR YH8451-1BxR YM-2451CxR YM-5401FxR
RA-4022A-05 YH6242-3AxR YH8451-1DxR YM-2451DxR YM-5501
YH2212-3AxR YH6302-3AxR YH8511-1AxR YM-2651BxR YM-5501CxR
YH2242-3AxR YH6351-1NxR YH8611-1AxR YM-2651CxR YM-5501DxR
YH2301-1CxR YH6351-1QxR YH8651-1BxR YM-2681HxR YM-5501ExR
YH2302-3AxR YH6451-1CxR YH8651-1ExR YM-2721A YM-6221AxR
YH2451-1CxR YH6501-1KxR YH8901-2AxR YM-2721CxR YM-6451CxR
YH5102-1BxR YH6621-1BxR YH8901-2BXR YM-2721ExR YM-6501KxR
YH5301-1CxR YH7152-3AxR YM-1101CxR YM-2821AxR YM-6521BxR
YH5721-1AxR YH7501-1CxR YM-1151BAR YM-2821CxR YM-6621BxR
YH5721-1CxR YH7761-2AxR YM-1361BxR YM-2821FxR YM-7501BxR
YH5721-1EXR YH7841-2CxR YM-2102BxR YM-5201B YM-8102AxR
YH5821-1AxR YH8112-3DxR YM-2301DxR YM-5301 YM-8601BxR
YH5821-1CXR YH8132-2AxR YM-2301HxR YM-5301GxR YM-8701AxR
YH5821-1FxR YH8132-2BXR YM-2351CxR YM-5401 YM-8851AxR