Below is a list of any XP power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


300-650 VA ECP180PS12 GCS180PS24-C LCL500PS48 SDR250AD1224
30517-8 ECP180PS15 GCS180PS24-EF MFA350PS12 SDR250AS12
ACS60US15 ECP180PS24 GCS180PS24-TF MFA350PS12-H SDR250AS15
ACS60US48 ECP180PS28 GCS180PS28 MFA350PS24 SDR250AS24
AED 1OOUS12 ECP180PS36 GCS180PS28-C MFA350PS24-H SDR250AS36
AEH45US05 ECP180PS48 GCS180PS28-EF MFA350PS48 SDS 60VQ02
ATRV 300 P6 – 2 A ECP20UD12 GCS180PS28-TF MFA350PS48-H SDS120PD00B
AVPR060S151093 ECP20UD15 GCS180PS48 MFA420PS12 SDS120PD01B
BCC200PS03 ECP20UD24 GCS180PS48-C MFA420PS12-H SDS120PD02B
BCC200PS05 ECP20US03 GCS180PS48-EF MFA420PS24 SDS120PD03B
BCC200PS07 ECP20US05 GCS180PS48-TF MFA420PS24-H SDS120PD04B
BCC200PS12 ECP20US09 GCS250PS12 MFA420PS48 SDS120PD05B
BCC400PS03 ECP20US12 GCS250PS12-C MFA420PS48-H SDS120PD06B
BCC400PS05 ECP20US15 GCS250PS12-EF MHP1000PS12 SDS120PS03B
BCC400PS07 ECP20US24 GCS250PS12-TF MHP1000PS15 SDS120PS05B
BCC400PS12 ECP20US30 GCS250PS15 MHP1000PS24 SDS120PS07B
BCC400PS15 ECP20US48 GCS250PS15-C MHP1000PS28 SDS120PS09B
BCC400PS18 ECP225PS12 GCS250PS15-EF MHP1000PS36 SDS120PS12B
BCC400PS24 ECP225PS12-A GCS250PS15-TF MHP1000PS48 SDS120PS15B
BCC400PS28 ECP225PS15 GCS250PS24 MHP650PS12-EF SDS120PS18B
BX350PS24-C ECP225PS15-A GCS250PS24-C MHP650PS15-EF SDS120PS24B
CCB200PS12 ECP225PS24 GCS250PS24-EF MHP650PS24-EF SDS120PS28B
CCB200PS15 ECP225PS24-A GCS250PS24-TF MHP650PS28-EF SDS120PS36B
CCB200PS24 ECP225PS28 GCS250PS28 MHP650PS36-EF SDS120PS48B
CCB200PS28 ECP225PS28-A GCS250PS28-C MHP650PS48-EF SDS120PT00B
CCB200PS48 ECP225PS48 GCS250PS28-EF more to add SDS120PT01B
CCB250PS12 ECP225PS48-A GCS250PS28-TF P3S0S8 SDS120PT02B
CCB250PS15 ECP40UD01 GCS250PS48 PBM200PQ06C SDS120PT03B
CCB250PS24 ECP40UD02 GCS250PS48-C PF150PM33 SDS120PT04B
CCB250PS28 ECP40UD03 GCS250PS48-EF RCL175PD22 SDS120PT05B
CCB250PS36 ECP40US05 GCS250PS48-TF RCL175PQ43 SDS120PT06B
CCB250PS48 ECP40US12 GCS250PS56 RCL175PQ44 SDS120PT07B
CCH400PS12 ECP40US15 GCS250PS56-C RCL175PQ45 SDS120PT08B
CCH400PS24 ECP40US18 GCS250PS56-EF RCL175PQ46 SDS120PT09B
CCH400PS28 ECP40US24 GCS250PS56-TF RCL175PQ47 SDS120PT10B
CCH400PS48 ECP40US30 GCS265PS12 RCL175PS12 SDS120PT11B
CCH600PS12 ECP40US48 GCS265PS15 RCL175PS15 SDS120PT12B
CCH600PS24 ECP40UT01 GCS265PS24 RCL175PS24 SDS120PT13B
CCH600PS28 ECP40UT02 GCS265PS28 RCL175PS28 SDS120PT14B
CCH600PS48 ECP40UT03 GCS265PS48 RCL175PS48 SDS120PT15B
CCL400PS12 ECP40UT04 GCS350PS12 RCL175PT31 SDS120PT16B
CCL400PS24 ECP60UD01 GCS350PS15 RCL175PT32 SDS120PT17B
CCL400PS30 ECP60UD02 GCS350PS24 SB750PSD2-CT SDS150PS09B
CCL400PS48 ECP60UD03 GCS350PS28 SDC320AD1224-E SDS150PS12B
CCM250PS12 ECP60US05 GCS350PS48 SDC320AS12-E SDS150PS15B
CCM250PS15 ECP60UT01 GCS350PS56 SDC320AS24-E SDS150PS18B
CCM250PS24 ECP60UT02 GCU500PS12 SDC320AS36-E SDS150PS24B
CCM250PS28 ECP60UT03 GCU500PS15 SDC320AS48-E SDS150PS30B
CCM250PS36 ECP65UT04 GCU500PS18 SDC320PD1224-E SDS150PS36B
CCM250PS48 ECS100US12 GCU500PS24 SDC320PS12-E SDS150PS48B
CDP3KPS24 ECS100US15 GCU500PS36 SDC320PS24-E SDS180PS12B
CFP500PS48FE ECS100US18 GCU500PS48 SDC320PS36-E SDS180PS24B
CHD250PS12 ECS100US24 GFR1K5PS12 SDC320PS48-E SDS180PS48B
CHD250PS15 ECS100US28 GFR1K5PS24 SDF300PS12 SDS-60US24
CHD250PS24 ECS100US48 GFR1K5PS48 SDF300PS15 SDU150PS12B
CHD250PS28 ECS130US12 GFR1K5PS56 SDF300PS24 SDU150PS24B
CHD250PS48 ECS130US15 GSP500PS12-EF SDF300PS48 SHP1000PS12
DCM10048S12 ECS130US18 GSP500PS24-EF SDH400PD0512 SHP1000PS15
DCM6048S12 ECS130US24 GSP500PS48-EF SDH400PD0524 SHP1000PS24
DMA21248S12 ECS130US28 GSP750PS12-EF SDH400PD1224 SHP1000PS28
ECC100US12 ECS130US48 GSP750PS24-EF SDH400PS03 SHP1000PS36
ECC100US15 ECS25US12 GSP750PS48-EF SDH400PS05 SHP1000PS48
ECC100US24 ECS25US15 HCP1000PS12 SDH400PS12 SHP350PS12
ECC100US28 ECS25US24 HCP1000PS15 SDH400PS15 SHP350PS15
ECC100US48 ECS25US48 HCP1000PS24 SDH400PS18 SHP350PS24
ECF40US12 ECS45US05 HCP1000PS27 SDH400PS24 SHP350PS28
ECF40US15 ECS45US12 HCP1000PS48 SDH400PS36 SHP350PS36
ECF40US18 ECS45US15 HCP1500PS12 SDH400PS48 SHP350PS48
ECF40US24 ECS45US24 HCP1500PS15 SDH400PS54 SHP650PS12-EF
ECF40US36 ECS45US48 HCP1500PS24 SDH400PS60 SHP650PS15-EF
ECF40US48 ECS60US05 HCP1500PS27 SDL400PD0512 SHP650PS24-EF
ECM 130 PT 31 ECS60US12 HCP1500PS48 SDL400PD0512-C SHP650PS28-EF
ECM 60 US 07 ECS60US15 HCP3000PS12 SDL400PD0512-E SHP650PS36-EF
ECM100UD21 ECS60US24 HCP3000PS15 SDL400PD0512-F SHP650PS48-EF
ECM100UD22 ECS60US48 HCP3000PS24 SDL400PD0524 SL600N502
ECM100UQ41 ECS65US12 HCP3000PS27 SDL400PD0524-C SMC600PS60-D
ECM100UQ42 ECS65US15 HCP3000PS48 SDL400PD0524-E SMH600PD0512
ECM100UQ43 ECS65US18 HCP650PS05 SDL400PD0524-F SMH600PD0524
ECM100UQ44 ECS65US24 HCP650PS12 SDL400PD0548 SMH600PD1224
ECM100UQ45 ECS65US28 HCP650PS15 SDL400PD0548-C SMH600PS03
ECM100US07 ECS65US48 HCP650PS24 SDL400PD0548-E SMH600PS05
ECM100US18 EMH250PS12 HCP650PS27 SDL400PD0548-F SMH600PS12
ECM100US24 EMH250PS18 HCP650PS48 SDL400PD1224 SMH600PS15
ECM100US28 EMH250PS24 HDL3000PS12 SDL400PD1224-C SMH600PS18
ECM100US33 EMH250PS48 HDL3000PS15 SDL400PD1224-E SMH600PS24
ECM100US48 EMH350PD21-U HDL3000PS24 SDL400PD1224-F SMH600PS36
ECM100UT31 EMH350PD22-U HDL3000PS30 SDL400PS12 SMH600PS48
ECM100UT32 EMH350PD23-U HDL3000PS36 SDL400PS12-C SMH600PS54
ECM100UT32 EMH350PD24-U HDL3000PS48 SDL400PS12-E SMH600PS60
ECM100UT33 EMH350PS12 HDL3000PS60 SDL400PS12-F SML300PS15-C
ECM100UT34 EMH350PS12D HDS1500PS12 SDL400PS15 SMP350PS12
ECM100UT35 EMH350PS18 HDS1500PS15 SDL400PS15-C SMP350PS15
ECM100UT36 EMH350PS18D HDS1500PS24 SDL400PS15-E SMP350PS18
ECM100UT37 EMH350PS24 HDS1500PS30 SDL400PS15-F SMP350PS24
ECM140US15 EMH350PS24D HDS1500PS36 SDL400PS18 SMP350PS28
ECM140US18 EMH350PS48 HDS1500PS48 SDL400PS18-C SMP350PS36
ECM140US24 EMH350PS48D HDS1500PS60 SDL400PS18-E SMP350PS48
ECM140US28 EPL225PS12 HDS3000PS12 SDL400PS18-F SX20048S05-C
ECM140US48 EPL225PS15 HDS3000PS15 SDL400PS24 SX200LS24-CRD
ECM40US05 EPL225PS18 HDS3000PS24 SDL400PS24-C SX200PS12-C
ECM40US07 EPL225PS24 HDS3000PS30 SDL400PS24-E SX200PS24-C
ECM40US09 EPL225PS28 HDS3000PS36 SDL400PS24-F SX200PS48-C
ECM40US12 EPL225PS36 HDS3000PS48 SDL400PS28 SX350LS24-CT
ECM40US15 EPL225PS48 HDS3000PS60 SDL400PS28-C SX550N544
ECM40US18 ERS 100 US 12 HDS800PS12 SDL400PS28-E UCP225PS12
ECM40US24 ERS60US12 HDS800PS15 SDL400PS28-F UCP225PS15
ECM40US33 FCM400PS12 HDS800PS24 SDL400PS36 UCP225PS18
ECM40US48 FCM400PS15 HDS800PS30 SDL400PS36-C UCP225PS24
ECM40UT31 FCM400PS24 HDS800PS36 SDL400PS36-E UCP225PS28
ECM40UT32 FCM400PS28 HDS800PS48 SDL400PS36-F UCP225PS36
ECM40UT33 FCM400PS36 HDS800PS60 SDL400PS48 UCP225PS48
ECM40UT34 FCM400PS48 HHP650PS12 SDL400PS48-C VCS100US05
ECM40UT35 FFB8G3 HHP650PS15 SDL400PS48-E VCS100US12
ECM60UD21 GCS150PS12 HHP650PS24 SDL400PS48-F VCS100US15
ECM60UD22 GCS150PS12 HHP650PS28 SDL400PS54 VCS100US24
ECM60US05 GCS150PS12-C HHP650PS36 SDL400PS54-C VCS100US48
ECM60US07 GCS150PS12-EF HHP650PS48 SDL400PS54-E VCS50US05
ECM60US12 GCS150PS15 HPU1K5PS12 SDL400PS60 VCS50US15
ECM60US15 GCS150PS15-C HPU1K5PS24 SDL400PS60-C VCS50US24
ECM60US20 GCS150PS15-TF JPM120PS24 SDL400PS60-F VCS70US05
ECM60US24 GCS150PS24 JPP130PQ09 SDM300PD0512 VCS70US12
ECM60US28 GCS150PS24-C JPS130PS12 SDM300PD0512-E VCS70US15
ECM60US33 GCS150PS24-EF JPS250PS15 SDM300PD0512-F VCS70US24
ECM60US48 GCS150PS24-TF JPS350PS48C SDM300PD1224 VCS70US48
ECM60UT31 GCS150PS28 LCL150PS12 SDM300PD1224-E VCT40US05
ECM60UT32 GCS150PS28-C LCL150PS13 SDM300PD1224-F VCT60US12
ECM60UT33 GCS150PS28-EF LCL150PS15 SDM300PS12 VCT60US15
ECM60UT34 GCS150PS28-TF LCL150PS24 SDM300PS12-E VCT60US24
ECM60UT35 GCS150PS48 LCL150PS27 SDM300PS12-F VFT150US05
ECP130PS12 GCS150PS48-C LCL150PS48 SDM300PS15 VFT150US12
ECP130PS15 GCS150PS48-EF LCL300PS12 SDM300PS15-E VFT150US15
ECP130PS18 GCS150PS48-TF LCL300PS13 SDM300PS15-F VFT150US24
ECP130PS24 GCS180PS12 LCL300PS15 SDM300PS24 VFT150US48
ECP130PS28 GCS180PS12-C LCL300PS24 SDM300PS24-E VFT80US05
ECP130PS36 GCS180PS12-EF LCL300PS27 SDM300PS24-F VFT80US12
ECP130PS48 GCS180PS12-TF LCL300PS48 SDM300PS36 VFT80US15
ECP150PS12 GCS180PS15 LCL500PS12 SDM300PS36-E VFT80US24
ECP150PS15 GCS180PS15-C LCL500PS13 SDM300PS36-F X7-2L2L2P2P2D
ECP150PS24 GCS180PS15-EF LCL500PS15 SDM300PS48 SX200LS24-CRD 1
ECP150PS28 GCS180PS15-TF LCL500PS24 SDM300PS48-E
ECP150PS48 GCS180PS24 LCL500PS27 SDM300PS48-F

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