Below is a list of any Weir power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ADC150 PA800 SM55 12 00 06 SMM300 WA305-16-00-13
DCM300 PD800 SMLC75R00 SMM300/C WA401/2
HSS100/00 R80 SMLC75R02 SMM500 WA403/5
HSS100/01 R160 SMLC75R03 SMS300 WA405
HSS100/02 SHS100 SMLC75R06 SMS1500 WA505/605
HSS100/03 SMLC25 SMLC110 00 00 WA303/5 WA605
HSS100/04 SMLS50 SMLC110 01 00 WA305-07-01-02 WE20000002
HSS100/05 SMLC50R00 SMLC110 04 00 WA305-00-00-02 WD305
HSS100/07 SMLC50R01 SMLC110 05 00 WA305-00-00-03 WP303/5
HSS100/16 SMLC50R02 SMM30 WA305-10-01-02 WP401/2
HSS100/18 SMLC50R03 SMM50 WA305-23-01-52 WP403/5
HSS100/40 SMLC50R04 SMM100 WA305-16-00-02 WP505/605
HSS100P SMLC50R08 SMM100s WA305-00-01-03 WP1507
HSS150 SMLC50R10 SMM120 WA305-00-02-00 WR2200
HSS180 SMLC50R200 SMM150 WA305-01-00-02 WR2.8
PABX SM55 SMM200 WA305-02-00-02 WR300H

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