Below is a list of any Unipower Corp power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


AD-070D  MG3000 RD-120P-S24 RPCP12/50 TPCP5000
AE-080D MG5000 RD-120P-S30 RPCP24/33 TPCP6000
AF-180D MG6000 RD-120P-S32 RPCP48/22 TPCP7000
AG-350D MG7000 RD-120P-S36 RPCQ48/25 TPCP7000
AJ-040D  MH5000 RD-120P-S48 RRPI12/100 TPCPQ24-48/25
AL-070D MH6000 RD-280P-S12z RRPI24/50 TPCPQ24-54/22
AL-085D MH7000 RD-280P-S24z RRPI48/25 TRPI3000
AM-120D ML5000 RD-280P-S28z RRSI24/100 TRPI5000
CA2000 CMQ48-12/54 RD-280P-S48z RRSI48/50 TRPI6000
CA2330 LVD1U200-B1 RD-280P-S54z TBSR1U4A TRPI7000
CA23352-15 LVD1U200-B3 RE-360P-S12-U TBSR1U4B TRRI5000
CA2440 LVD1U200-B5 RE-360P-S24-U TBSR1U4C TRRI6000
CA3000 LVD1U-70/100 RE-360P-S30-U TBSR1U4D TRRI7000
CA5000 ML6000 RE-360P-S36-U TBSR3000 TRSI5000
E1034 ML7000 RE-360P-S48-U TBSR5000 TRSI6000
E389 MN5000 RE-360P-S54-U TBSR7000 TRSI7000
E873 MN6000 RE-360P-S57-U TPCM3000 TSF3000
LF2300 MN7000 RF-500P-S12-U TPCM5000 TSF3000-WM
LF2303 RA-025U-S05 RF-500P-S24-U TPCM5000 TSF5000
LF2323 RA-040U-S12 RF-500P-S30-U TPCM5000E 6 TSF5000-WM
LF2335 RA-040U-S15 RF-500P-S36-U TPCM7000 TSF7000
LF2336 RA-040U-S19 RF-500P-S48-U TPCM7000 TSF7000-WM
LF2353 RA-040U-S24 RF-500P-S54-U TPCM7000E 6 TSG3000
LF5323 RA-040U-S36 RF-500P-S57-U TPCMQ24-48/20 TSG5000
LF9323 RA-040U-S48 RGM-065U-S05 TPCMQ24-54/18 TSG5000-WM
MD2000 RB-150P-S12 RGM-065U-S12 TPCMQ48-13/48 TSG7000
MD3000 RB-150P-S15 RGM-065U-S15 TPCMQ48-24/29 TSG7000-WM
MD4000 RB-150P-S19 RGM-065U-S19 TPCMQ48-27/26 TSJ7000
MD5000 RB-150P-S24 RGM-065U-S24 TPCMQ48-48/21 TSJ7000-WM
MD6000 RB-150P-S28 RGM-065U-S28 TPCMQ48-54/18 X100-12
MD7000 RB-150P-S48 RGM-065U-S48 TPCMR1U3 X100-24
MD9000 RBSR12/100 RJ-360P-S12-x TPCMR1U3A X100-48
MF2000 RBSR24/60 RJ-360P-S24-x TPCMR1U3B X200-12
MF3000 RBSR48/28 RJ-360P-S28-x TPCMR1U3C X200-24
MF4000 RBSR48/37 RJ-360P-S48-x TPCP3000 X200-24R
MF5000 RD-120P-S12 RJ-360P-S54-x TPCP3000 X200-48
MF6000 RD-120P-S15 RPCM12/45 TPCP3000 X200-48R
MF7000 RD-120P-S18 RPCM24/25 TPCP3000E X75L-12
MF9000 RD-120P-S19 RPCM48/15 TPCP5000 X75L-24

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