Below is a list of any TDK power supplies we can repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


24-16RGB GWS500-7.5 HWS100-24/ME HWS1800T-60 MRW160
3100015-100 HFE1600-12 HWS100-48/ME  HWS1800T-7 MSA-924
6350852 HFE1600-12/S HWS100-5/ME HWS300-12/HD MSA949
808-865745-001A HFE1600-24 HWS1500-12/HD HWS300-12/ME MSE181D
CME150-24 HFE1600-24/S HWS1500-15/HD HWS300-15/HD MSE181E
CME240P-24 HFE1600-48 HWS1500-24/HD HWS300-15/ME MSE181G
D14L-4001-0308 HFE1600-48/S HWS1500-3 HWS300-24/HD PD-21-B-X
D14L-4001-0461 HWS1000-12 HWS1500-36/HD HWS300-24/ME PEX737.30
EAK05-6R0 HWS1000-12/HD HWS1500-3/HD HWS300-3/HD RAX05-60R
EAK 24 HWS1000-15 HWS1500-48/HD HWS300-48/HD RAX-12
EAK-24-4 HWS1000-15/HD HWS1500-48/ME HWS300-48/ME RCW12-62K
EAK-24-4R2 HWS1000-24 HWS1500-5 HWS300-5/HD RERX-14-4
EAK24-4R2G HWS1000-24/HD HWS1500-5/HD HWS30-12/ME RM05-10RGB
ECW-007EC HWS1000-3 HWS1500-6 HWS30-15/ME RM05-20RG
ERD-24648 HWS1000-36 HWS1500-60 HWS30-24/ME RM09-03S
ESR HWS1000-36/HD HWS1500-7 HWS30-5/ME RM12
ESX-24 HWS1000-3/HD HWS150-12/HD HWS50-12/HD RM-12
ESX-24-10R HWS1000-48 HWS150-12/ME HWS50-12/ME RM-24-16RGB
FAW-24-2.1K HWS1000-48/HD HWS150-15/HD HWS50-15/HD RM24-2R5GB
FAW24-4R2 HWS1000-5 HWS150-15/ME HWS50-15/ME RM24-3R2GB
FAW24-6K HWS1000-5/HD HWS150-24/HD HWS50-24/ME RM24-4R5G
FGW06-50R HWS1000-6 HWS150-24/ME HWS50-48/ME RM24-4R5GB
FSX-24-10R HWS1000-60 HWS150-48/ME HWS50-5/ME RM24-6R0GB
GWS250-12 HWS1000-60/HD HWS150-5/ME HWS600-12/HD RMX-24D
GWS250-24 HWS1000-6/HD HWS1800T-12 HWS600-15/HD RMX24-D
GWS250-36 HWS1000-7 HWS1800T-15 HWS600-24/HD TCW12-62K
GWS250-48 HWS1000-7/HD HWS1800T-24 HWS600-24/ME TDK-T13V
GWS500-12 HWS100-12/HD HWS1800T-3 HWS600-3/HD TRM005C
GWS500-24 HWS100-12/ME HWS1800T-36 HWS600-5/HD TRM032GB
GWS500-36 HWS100-15/HD HWS1800T-48 LZS-A1500-3-001 TRM-032GB
GWS500-48 HWS100-15/ME HWS1800T-5 MRM-270 WS1500-48
GWS500-5 HWS100-24/HD HWS1800T-6 MRM-280 WS600-48/HD

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