We have seen this model OVS-5E in for repair before.

Model Manufacturer   
OVS-5E Tamura  




Model History: YES we can repair OVS-5E

                                                                                                                                          Telephone: 01189-820 911
Avanti has a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians situated in a modern workshop for dealing with all types of power supplies, this means, that your repairs couldn’t be in safer hands.
The Repair Centre has a large Investment of test equipment that allows us to fault find any makes or models down to component level, in a simulated environment.
When a power supply is sent back for repair we don’t just fix the original fault, we thoroughly put the power supply through a variety of tests. After servicing, using specialist electronic loads within our service department, we are able to fully retest your power supply to the original safety standards as when first manufactured.
Delivery Options: Standard, Express, Same Day & Next Day options available
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Environmentally Friendly: The environmental cost of repairing equipment is usually a fraction of the cost of buying a newly manufactured replacement. Additionally, by having your units repaired, you are reducing the amount of equipment going into landfill. Under recently introduced WEEE legislation, businesses face increased costs, and possible fines, related to equipment disposal.

Speedy resolution to your problem : Repairing equipment can be much more rapid than sourcing new. In many cases repairs can be carried out in hours rather than days. Repairing an item is usually cheaper than replacing it. In some cases savings can be considerable, especially when the item needs to be re-manufactured. Repairing is something that should be seriously considered in the current economic environment.

Components: We hold over 120,000 parts in stock in stock allowing a fast turnaround. Even if parts have become obsolete we also have a number of overseas contacts to help us locate hard to find parts this has been built up using extensive knowledge gained over many years.