Below is a list of any Stontronics power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


 S-40-15 AD-1230 ESC-120-54 PUP80-13 SB-141B0-1X
AC-0350 AD-1250 ESC-240-13.5 PUP80-13-1 SB-142A5-1X
AC-0610 AD-1250R ESC-240-27 PUP80-14 SB-151B0-1X
AC-06100 AD-1510 ESC-240-54 PUP80-16 SB-152A4-1X
AC-0630 AD-15100 ESP-120-13.5  PUP80-17 SB-180B8-1X
AC-0650 AD-1510R ESP-120-27 PUP80-18 SB-182A0-1X
AC-0910 AD-1550 ESP-120-54 S-100F-12 SB-2105F-11
AC-09100 AD-1550R ESP-240-13.5  S-100F-15 SB-2112F-11
AC-0930 AD-1825 ESP-240-27 S-100F-24 SB-2312F-11
AC-0950 AD-1840R ESP-240-54 5 S-100F-48 SB-2315F-11
AC-1030 AD-1850 MW12298 S-100F-5 SB-240B6-1X
AC-1210 AD-2410R MW12698 S-100F-7.5 SB-241A5-1X
AC-12100 AD-2425 MW2298 S-150-12 SB-2512F-11
AC-1230 AD-2440 MW2698 S-150-13.5 SB-2515F-11
AC-1250 AD-2440R MW3298 S-150-15 SB-2524F-11
AC-1510 BPA-353-1 MW3698 S-150-24 SB-300B5-1X
AC-15100 CM03A12  MW4298 S-150-27 SB-301A2-1X
AC-1530 CM03A24T  MW4698 S-150-48 SB-480A7-1X
AC-1550 CM03A6T MW6298 S-150-5 SB-480B3-1X
AC-18100 CM06A12T MW6698 S-150-7.5 SP-300-12
AC-1830 CM06A6T MW7298 S-150-9 SP-300-13.5
AC-1850 CM1.524T MW7698 S-240-12 SP-300-15
AC-24100 CM1.5A12T MW8298 S-240-15 SP-300-24
AC-2430 CM1.5A6T MW8698 S-240-24 SP-300-27
AC-2450 CM1A12T MW9298 S-240-30 SP-300-48
AC-8500 CM1A24T MW9698 S-240-48 SP-300-5
AD-0350 CM1A6T PD-100-5 S-240-5 SP-300-7.5
AD-04550 CM2A12T PD-150-5 S-240-7.5 SP-500-12
AD-05100R CM2A24T PD-15-12 S-25-12 SP-500-13.5
AD-0510R CM2A6T PD-15-15  S-25-15 SP-500-15
AD-0530R CM312T PD-15-24 S-25-24 SP-500-24
AD-0550R CM4A12T PD-15-3.3 S-25-5 SP-500-27
AD-06100 DSA-0151A-05 PD-15-5 S-40-12 SP-500-48
AD-0630 DSA-0151A-05-XX PD-15-5 S-40-24 SPU50-1
AD-0630R DSA-0151A-06 PD-20-12 S-40-5 SPU50-1-1
AD-0650 DSA-0151A-06-XX PD-20-15 S-60-12 SPU50-2
AD-0680R DSA-0151A-07 PD-20-24 S-60-15 SPU50-3
AD-075100 DSA-0151A-07-XX PD-20-3.3 S-60-24 SPU50-4
AD-07550 DSA-0151A-09  PD-20-5 S-60-5 SPU50-5
AD-0910 DSA-0151A-09-XX PSF-125-12 SB-032B5-1X SPU50-6
AD-09100 DSA-0151A-12 PSF-125-48 SB-035A0-1X SPU50-9
AD–09100R DSA-0151A-12-XX PSF-125-5 SB-052B4-1X T3321ST
AD-09200 DSA-0151A-12-XX PSP-300-12 SB-055A0-1X T3322ST
AD-0930 DSA-0151A-15 PSP-300-13.5 SB-062B0-1X T3323ST
AD-0930R DSA-0151A-24-XX PSP-300-24 SB-064A5-1X T3324ST
AD-0950R DSA-0151F-05-XX PSP-300-27 SB-072B0-1X T3325ST
AD-0960 DSA-0151F-09-XX PSP-300-48 SB-074A0-1X T3326ST
AD-1210 DSA-0151F-12-XX PUP130-12 SB-091B5-1X T3327ST
AD-12100 DSA-0151F-15-XX PUP130-13 SB-093A5-1X T3328ST
AD-12100R DSA-0151F-18-XX PUP130-13-1 SB-121B2-1X T4317ST
AD-1210R DSA-0151F-24-XX PUP130-14 SB-123A0-1X T5864ST
AD-12160 ESC-120-13.5 PUP130-16 SB-131B1-1X T5865ST
AD-12200 ESC-120-27  PUP80-12 SB-132A6-1X T5893ST

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