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Below is a list of any Sure Star Computer power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


R8P-400 M1C-550B1 SS-2U70EL R2A-500D1V2 R4B-700G1V2
M1C-460A1 M1C-600B1 TC-800PL R2A-650D1V2 TC-1400RVN4
M1C-460B1 M1C-600C1 TC-900PL TC-650RVN2 TC-1400RHN4
M1C-460C1 M1D-600D1 TC-1000PL R2A-700D1V2 TC-1700RVN4
M1C-500A1 M1D-700D1 R1J-300I1H2A0 SS-300R8P TC-2000RVN4
M1C-500B1 TC-2U35 R1J-350I1H2A0 SS-400R8P TC-2000RHN4
M1C-500C1 TC-2U40 R1J-400I1H2A0 R4S-400G1V2 TC-1700RHN4
M1C-550A1 SS-2U60EL R2A-460D1V2 R4B-600G1V2 R4B-800G1V2
M1D-460D1 M1D-650D1 R1J-250I1H2A0 TC-700RVN2 TC-950RVN3
M1D-500D1 SS-2U40ES  TC-350R2U  R4S-500G1V2 TC-1100RVN3
SS-1U40ES  SS-1U60EL TCPS1D41Y060 R2A-600D1V2 TC-1350RVN3 
SS-1U46ES M1C-600A1 TC-700PL  TC-600RVN2
SS-1U52ES SS-2U50ES TC-400R2U  R4B-500G1V2
TC-1U35  M1C-550C1 TCPS1D41Y040 R2A-550D1V2 
TC-1U40  M1D-550D1 TCPS1D41Y050 TC-550RVN2

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