Spellman HV





Below is a list of any Spellman HV power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


205B-01R DXM75PN1200 SL15P/N2000 SLM50P/N300 UM2P/N20
205B-03R DXM75PN600 SL15P/N30 SLM50P/N600 UM2P/N30
205B-05R EGM50N25 SL15P/N300 SLM5P/N1200 UM2P/N4
205B-10R EPM10P/N30 SL15P/N60 SLM5P/N300 UM30P/N15
205B-20R EPM15P/N30 SL15P/N600 SLM5P/N600 UM30P/N30
205B-30R EPM1P/N30 SL1N300X3638 SLM60P/N1200 UM30P/N4
205B-50R EPM20P/N30 SL1P200X3639 SLM60P/N300 UM35P/N15
210-01R EPM25P/N30 SL1PN10 SLM60P/N600 UM35P/N30
210-02R EPM30P/N30 SL1PN1200 SLM70P/N1200 UM35P/N4
210-03R EPM3P/N30 SL1PN150 SLM70P/N300 UM40P/N15
210-05R EPM5P/N30 SL1PN2000 SLM70P/N600 UM40P/N30
210-10R CM18PX1487 SL1PN30 SLS160P/N2000 UM40P/N4
210-1.5R MNX50P50 SL1PN300 SLS200P/N2000 UM4P/N20
210-20R MP10P/N SL1PN60 SLS260P/N2000 UM4P/N30
210-30R MP1.5P/N SL1PN600 SLS300P/N2000 UM4P/N4
210-50R MP15P/N SL20P/N10 SLS360P/N2000 UM6P/N20
225-0.1R MP1P/N SL20P/N1200 SMS10P/N60 UM6P/N30
225-01R MP20P/N SL20P/N150 SMS15P/N60 UM6P/N4
225-03R MP2.5P/N SL20P/N2000 SMS1P/N60 UM8P/N15
225-05R MP2P/N SL20P/N30 SMS20P/N60 UM8P/N30
225-10R MP30P/N SL20P/N300 SMS30 P/N60 UM8P/N4
225-20R MP3P/N SL20P/N60 SMS3P/N60 UMW10P/N125
225-30R MP40P/N SL20P/N600 SMS40P/N60 UMW10P/N60
225-50R MP5P/N SL21PN1200 SMS50P/N60 UMW12P/N125
230-01R NIMAC301 SL2PN10 SMS5P/N60 UMW12P/N60
230-03R NIMAC303 SL2PN150 SMS60P/N60 UMW15P/N125
230-05R NIMAC305 SL2PN2000 SR100P/N6 UMW15P/N60
230-10R NIMAC310P SL2PN30 SR10P/N6 UMW20P/N125
230-20R NIMAC313A SL2PN300 SR110P/N6 UMW20P/N60
230-30R NIMAC313B SL2PN60 SR120P/N6 UMW8P/N125
5.33509E+11 NIMAC315 SL2PN600 SR12P/N6 UMW8P/N60
602C-100P/N NIMAC320N SL30P60 SR15P/N6 V6A10P/N30
602C-10P/N NIMAC320P SL30P/N10 SR1PN6 V6A1.5P/N30
602C-150P/N NIMAC323 SL30P/N1200 SR20P/N6 V6A15P/N30
602C-15P/N NIMAC325 SL30P/N150 SR2PN6 V6A1P/N30
602C-200P/N NIMDC342 SL30P/N2000 SR30P/N6 V6A20P/N30
602C-30P/N NIMDC345 SL30P/N30 SR3PN6 V6A30P/N30
602C-50P/N NIMDC353 SL30P/N300 SR40P/N6 V6A3P/N30
603C-100N/P NIMDC355 SL30P/N60 SR50P/N6 V6A5P/N30
603C-10N/P NIMDC362 SL30P/N600 SR60N6.6X3480 V6D10P/N30
603C-150N/P NIMDC365/5 SL3PN10 SR60P/N6 V6D1.5P/N30
603C-15N/P NIMDC635 SL3PN1200 SR6PN6 V6D15P/N30
603C-200N/P PCM10P/N120 SL3PN150 SR70P/N6 V6D1P/N30
603C-300N/P PCM15P/N120 SL3PN2000 SR80 V6D20P/N30
603C-30N/P PCM1P/N120 SL3PN30 SR80P/N6 V6D30P/N30
603C-50N/P PCM20P/N120 SL3PN300 SR8P/N6 V6D3P/N30
605C-100N/P PCM30P/N120 SL3PN60 ST100P/N12 V6D5P/N30
605C-10N/P PCM3P/N120 SL3PN600 ST10P/N12 X2066
605C-150N/P PCM40P60X223 SL40P/N10 ST120P/N12 X3359
605C-15N/P PCM40P/N120 SL40P/N1200 ST12P/N12 XLF30N1200
605C-200N/P PCM50P/N120 SL40P/N150 ST150P/N12 XLF30N600
605C-30N/P PCM5P/N120 SL40P/N2000 ST15P/N12 XLF40N1200
605C-50N/P PCM60P/N120 SL40P/N30 ST1P/N12 XLF40N600
606C-100N/P PCM70P/N120 SL40P/N300 ST20P/N12 XLF50N1200
606C-10N/P PVT10P/N200 SL40P/N60 ST2P/N12 XLF50N600
606C-150N/P PVT10P/N350 SL40P/N600 ST30P/N12 XLF60N1200
606C-15N/P PVT15P/N200 SL50N1200X3715 ST3P/N12 XLF60N600
606C-200N/P PVT15P/N350 SL50P1200X3714 ST40P/N12 XLG100P10
606C-300N/P PVT1P/N200 SL50P/N10 ST4P/N12 XLG100P100
606C-30N/P PVT1P/N350 SL50P/N1200 ST50P/N12 XLG100P20
606C-50N/P PVT20P/N200 SL50P/N150 ST60P/N12 XLG100P200
825-0.5N/P PVT20P/N350 SL50P/N2000 ST6P/N12 XLG100P50
825-10N/P PVT25P/N200 SL50PN30 ST70P/N12 XLG1200P12
825-1.5N/P PVT25P/N350 SL50P/N30 ST80P/N12 XLG120P120
825-1N/P PVT30P/N200 SL50P/N300 ST8P/N12 XLG120P24
825-20N/P PVT30P/N350 SL50P/N60 STA10P/N4 XLG120P240
825-30N/P PVT3P/N200 SL50P/N600 STA12P/N4 XLG120P60
825-3N/P PVT3P/N350 SL60P/N10 STA15P/N4 XLG130P1200X3459
825-50N/P PVT40P/N200 SL60P/N1200 STA1P/N4 XLG130P13
825-5N/P PVT40P/N350 SL60P/N150 STA20P/N4 XLG130P130
835-0.5N/P PVT50P/N200 SL60P/N30 STA2P/N4 XLG130P26
835-10N/P PVT50P/N350 SL60P/N300 STA30P/N4 XLG130P260
835-1.5N/P PVT5P/N200 SL60P/N60 STA3P/N4 XLG130P65
835-1N/P PVT5P/N350 SL60P/N600 STA40P/N4 XLG30P15
835-20N/P PVT60P/N200 SL6PN10 STA4P/N4 XLG30P3
835-30N/P PVT60P/N350 SL6PN1200 STA50P/N4 XLG30P30
835-3N/P PVT70P/N200 SL6PN1200X3496 SPELLMAN STA60P/N4 XLG30P6
835-50N/P PVT70P/N350 SL6PN150 STA6P/N4 XLG30P60
835-5N/P RHR30P/N30 SL6PN2000 STA70P/N4 XLG30P90
CCM1P/N1000 RNR30PN150HV SL6PN30 STA8P/N4 XLG35P105
CCM1P/N500 SA10P/N4 SL6PN300 STR100P/N6 XLG35P17.5
CCM2P/N1000 SA15P/N4 SL6PN60 STR10P/N6 XLG35P3.5
CCM2P/N500 SA1PN4 SL6PN600 STR120P/N6 XLG35P35
CCM4P/N1000 SA20P/N4 SL70P/N10 STR12P/N6 XLG35P7
CCM4P/N500 SA2PN4 SL70P/N1200 STR150P/N6 XLG35P70
CZE10PN2000 SA30P/N4 SL70P/N150 STR15P/N6 XLG40P120
CZE15PN2000 SA3PN4 SL70P/N30 STR1P/N6 XLG40P20
CZE20PN1000X1981 SA40P/N4 SL70P/N300 STR20P/N6 XLG40P4
CZE20PN2000 SA4PN4 SL70P/N60 STR2P/N6 XLG40P40
CZE30PN2000 SA50P/N4 SL70P/N600 STR30P/N6 XLG40P8
CZE5PN2000 SA60P/N4 SL80P600 STR3P/N6 XLG40P80
DBX100PN1200 SA6PN4 SL80P/N10 STR40P/N6 XLG50P10
DBX100PN300 SA70P/N4 SL80P/N1200 STR4P/N6 XLG50P100
DBX100PN600 SL0.5PN2000 SL80PN1200X-3442 STR50P/N6 XLG50P150
DBX120PN1200 SL100P300 SL80P/N150 STR60P/N6 XLG50P25
DBX120PN300 SL100P/N10 SL80P/N30 STR6P/N6 XLG50P5
DBX120PN600 SL100P/N1200 SL80P/N300 STR70P/N6 XLG50P50
DBX140PN1200 SL100P/N150 SL80P/N60 STR80P/N6 XLG60P12
DBX140PN300 SL100P/N30 SL80P/N600 STR8P/N6 XLG60P120
DBX140PN600 SL100P/N300 SL8PN10 UM0.062P/N20 XLG60P180
DBX40PN1200 SL100P/N60 SL8PN1200 UM0.062P/N30 XLG60P30
DBX40PN300 SL100P/N600 SL8PN150 UM0.062P/N4 XLG60P6
DBX40PN600 SL10P/N10 SL8PN2000 UM0.125P/N20 XLG60P60
DBX60PN1200 SL10P/N1200 SL8PN30 UM0.125P/N30 XLG80P16
DBX60PN300 SL10P/N150 SL8PN300 UM0.125P/N4 XLG80P160
DBX60PN600 SL10P/N2000 SL8PN60 UM0.25P/N20 XLG80P40
DBX80PN1200 SL10P/N30 SL8PN600 UM0.25P/N30 XLG80P8
DBX80PN300 SL10PN300 SLM10P/N1200 UM0.25P/N4 XLG80P80
DBX80PN600 SL10P/N300 SLM10P/N300 UM0.5P/N XLG80P800X3461
DXM100PN1200 SL10P/N60 SLM10P/N600 UM0.5P/N20 XRB011-80P20
DXM20PN1200 SL10P/N600 SLM15P/N1200 UM0.5P/N30 XRB011-80PN20A
DXM20PN300 SL120P/N10 SLM15P/N300 UM10P/N15 XRB011-80PN20E
DXM20PN600 SL120P/N1200 SLM15P/N600 UM10P/N30 XRB011-80PN50
DXM30PN1200 SL120P/N150 SLM1P/N1200 UM10P/N4 XRB011-80PN50A
DXM30PN300 SL120P/N30 SLM1P/N300 UM12P/N15 XRB011-80PN50E
DXM30PN600 SL120P/N300 SLM1P/N600 UM12P/N30 XRB80N100
DXM40PN1200 SL120P/N60 SLM20P/N1200 UM12P/N4 XRF160N320
DXM40PN300 SL120P/N600 SLM20P/N300 UM15P/N15 XRF160N640
DXM40PN600 SL130P/N10 SLM20P/N600 UM15P/N30 XRF160N80
DXM50PN1200 SL130P/N1200 SLM30P/N1200 UM15P/N4 XRM25P50
DXM50PN300 SL130P/N150 SLM30P/N300 UM1P/N20 XRM30P50
DXM50PN600 SL130P/N30 SLM30P/N600 UM1P/N30 XRM50P50
DXM60PN1200 SL130P/N300 SLM3P/N1200 UM1P/N4 XRM65P50
DXM60PN300 SL130P/N60 SLM3P/N300 UM20P/N15 XRV160N/P3000
DXM60PN600 SL130P/N600 SLM3P/N600 UM20P/N30 XRV160N/P4000
DXM70PN1200 SL150P/NKV SLM40P/N1200 UM20P/N4 XRV225N/P3000
DXM70PN300 SL15P/N10 SLM40P/N300 UM25P/N15 XRV225N/P4000
DXM70PN600 SL15P/N1200 SLM40P/N600 UM25P/N30 XRV320N/P4500
DXM75PN SL15P/N150 SLM50P/N1200 UM25P/N4 XRV450P/N4500

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