Below is a list of any Sorenson power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


404-158-00 DCR300-6BM5 DCS40-25 QRS20-4 SSD15-12
488DAP DCR-40 DCS40-75 QSA10-2.2 SSD28-11
572075-G01 DCR40-13B DHP250-60M9D QSB12-2 SSD5-20
60-18B DCR40-13B2 DHP400-75 QSB12-8 STM12-12
DCR150-3B DCR40-25B DHP600-16 MD9 QSB28-2 STM12-50
DCR150-6B DCR600-.75B DHP60-33 SG180X125C-1AAA STM15-10
DCR20-125A DCR600-.75B2 DLM16-250E SGA400/38C STM15-32
DCR20-50B DCR600-1.5B DLM300-10E SLC24-12.5B STM24-13
DCR20-80B2 DCR60-18B PTM_SERIES SQ100-5125F STM24-28
DCR300-1.25A DCR80-12B PTM12-6.5 SRL10-50 STM5-100
DCR300-35A DCRB150-3 PTM24-4 SRL20-12 STM5-24
DCR300-3B DCRB600-1.5 PTM28-3.5 SRL40-50 STM5-36
DCR300-3B2 DCS 600-1.7 PTM28-6.0 SRL60-35 STM5-36CX
DCR-300-5A DCS-150-7 QRD20-4 SRX5-200M1 XHR 150-7
DCR-300-6B2 DCS300-3.5 QRD30-1 SS150-5S0156

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