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Below is a list of any SL Power Solutions power supplies we are able to repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


CINT1150A1206K01 GLD140CG GNT428CBTG LB115S48K MINT1150A4806K01
CINT1150A2406K01 GLD140DG GNT436ABG LB115S56K MINT1150A5606K01
CINT1150A4806K01 GLD140EG GNT448ABG LB130S56K MINT1175A1206K01
CINT1150A5606K01 GLD140FG GNT448ABTG LB240S24K MINT1175A1506K01
CINT1175A1206K01 GLD140GG GNT448CBEG LB240S48K MINT1175A2406K01
CINT1175A1506K01 GLM65AG GNT448CBG LB240S56K MINT1175A4806K01
CINT1175A2406K01 GLM65BG GNT448CBTG LE150S140CD MINT1175A5606K01
CINT1175A4806K01 GLM65DG GPM130AG LE150S24VN MINT1180A1275K01
CINT1175A5606K01 GLM65EG GPM130BG LE300S28VN MINT1180A1575K01
CINT1200A1275K01 GLM65GG GPM130CG LE300S48VN MINT1180A1875K01
CINT1200A1575K01 GLM75-12G GPM130DG LU500S12T MINT1180A2475K01
CINT1200A1875K01 GLM75-15G GPM130EG LU500S24T MINT1180A2875K01
CINT1200A2475K01 GLM75-24G GPM200AG MB115S12K MINT1180A3275K01
CINT1200A2875K01 GLM75-28G GPM200DG MB115S24K MINT1180A4875K01
CINT1200A3275K01 GLM75AG GPM200EG MB115S36K MINT1275A1214K01
CINT1200A3675K01 GLM75BG GPM225-12G MB115S48K MINT1275A1514K01
CINT1200A4875K01 GLM75CG GPM225-24G MB115S56K MINT1275A2414K01
CINT1275A1214K01 GLM75DG GPM225-28G MB120S12K01 MINT1275A4814K01
CINT1275A1514K01 GLM75EG GPM40-12G MB120S15K01 MINT1275A5614K01
CINT1275A2414K01 GLM75PG GPM40-15G MB120S18K01 MINT1400A1210L01
CINT1275A4814K01 GPFM115-12G GPM40-24G MB120S24K01 MINT1400A2410L01
CINT1275A5614K01 GPFM115-13G GPM40-28G MB60S12K MINT1400A2810L01
CINT3110A0508K01 GPFM115-15G GPM40-5G MB60S15K MINT1400A4810L01
CINT3110A1708K01 GPFM115-24G GPM40-9G MB60S18K MINT1500A2414E01
CINT3110A1908K01 GPFM115-28G GPM40AG MB60S24K MINT1500A4814E01
GB60S12K GPFM115-48G GPM40BG MB60S36K MINT1500A5614E01
GB60S15K GPFM115-5G GPM41-12G MB60S48K MINT1500B2414E01
GB60S24K GPFM125CG GPM41-15G MB65S12C MINT1500B4814E01
GB60S48K GPFM125DG GPM41-24G MB65S12K MINT2270A1976E01
GECA20-12G GPFM125EG GPM41-28G MB65S15C MINT2270A1976E02
GECA20-15G GPFM125FG GPM41-5G MB65S15K MINT3110A0508K01
GECA20-24G GPFM125GG GPM80-12G MB65S24C MINT3110A1708K01
GECA20-5G GPFM125HG GPM80-24G MB65S24K MINT3110A1908K01
GECA40-12G GPFM250-12G GPM80-28G MB65S48C MU425S12E
GECA40-15G GPFM250-15G GPM80-5G MB65S48K MU425S18E
GECA40-24G GPFM250-24G GPM80AG MINT1065A1275C01 MU425S24E
GECA40-5G GPFM250-28G GPM80BG MINT1065A1575C01 MU425S48E
GECA40AG GPFM250-48G GPM80CG MINT1065A1875C01 TB110S12K
GECA40BG GPFM250-5G GPM80DG MINT1065A2475C01 TB110S24K
GLM50-12G GNT412CBEG GSM25AG MINT1065D1375K01 TB65S12K
GLM50-15G GNT412CBG GSM25BG MINT1065D1575K01 TB65S15C
GLM50-24G GNT412CBTG GSM25DG MINT1065D1875K01 TB65S15K
GLM50-28G GNT415ABG GSM28-12G MINT1065D2075K01 TB65S24C
GLM50-3.3G GNT424ABG GSM28-15G MINT1065D2475K01 TB65S24K
GLM50-48 GNT424ABTG GSM28-24G MINT1065D4875K01 TB65S36K
GLM50-5G GNT424CBEG GSM28-28G MINT1110A1208K01 TB65S48C
GLM50AG GNT424CBG GSM28-5G MINT1110A1508K01 TB65S48K
GLM50BG GNT424CBTG JBL7452065000003FJ MINT1110A1808K01 TU425S12E
GLM50DG GNT428ABG JBL7452122500003FJ MINT1110A2408K01 TU425S18E
GLM50GG GNT428ABTG JBL7452241500003FJ MINT1150A1206K01 TU425S24E
GLD140AG GNT428CBEG LB115S12K MINT1150A1506K01 TU425S48E
GLD140BG GNT428CBG LB115S24K MINT1150A2406K01 TU425S56E

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