Below is a list of any Seasonic power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SFX-350SFE SS-250SU SS-400ES SS-600H2U SSP-300SUG
SR-300FS SS-250T SS-400ES SS-600H2U SSP-300TGS
SS-145MPS SS-250TFX SS-400ET SS-620GB SSR-300SU
SS-145SFC SS-250U1 SS-400ET SS-620GB F3 SSR-550FX
SS-145SFD SS-300BS SS-400H1U SS-750AM2 SSR-550GD2
SS-180SFD SS-300FS SS-400H2U SS-750RT SSR-550PX
SS-200FS SS-300FT SS-430GB SS-750XP2 SSR-650FX
SS-200GPX SS-300GS SS-450RT SS-750XP2S SSR-650GD2
SS-200PS SS-300SFD SS-460H1U SS-760XP2 SSR-650PD
SS-200SFD SS-300TFX SS-460H2U SS-850AM2 SSR-750FX
SS-200SU SS-300TFXL SS-500ES SS-850AM2 – M12II SSR-750GD2
SS-220GPX SS-301HT SS-500ET SSF-0601-5 SSR-750PD
SS-235PS SS-350BS SS-500L1U SSF-0601-6 SSR-750PX
SS-235SA SS-350ES SS-520H1U SSG-150G SSR-850FX
SS-250EPS1U SS-350ET SS-550JT SSG-200G SSR-850GD
SS-250GPX SS-350GT SS-550RT SSP-300SFG SSR-850TR
SS-250SFD SS-350M1U SS-600ET SSP-300SUB  

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