Below is a list of any Quel power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ER150 Series ER200/V094 F200/V046 F350/5/CPT F550/C
ER150/F ER200/V101 F200/V061 F350/12 F550/5/C
ER150/5/F ER200/V167 F200/V81 F350/12/C F550/12/C
ER150/12/F ER200/V171 F200/V119 F350/24 F550/24/C
ER150/24/F ER200/V172 F200/V133 F350/24/C F550/48/C
ER150/48/F ER200/V173 F200/V157 F350/24/CPT F550/V134/C
ER150/UPS ER200/V180 F200/V179 F350/48 F550/V144
ER200 Series ER200/V185 F200/V193 F350/48/C F550/V149
ER200/5 ER200/V226 F200/V197 F350/48/CPT F550/V164
ER200/12 ER200/V227 F200/V205 F350/UL/CPT F550/V178
ER200/24 ER200/V246 F200/V206 F350/V134 F550/V218
ER200/V006 ER200/V252 F200/V217 F350/V134/CPT F550/V225
ER200/V007 F200 Series F200/V221 F350/V140 F1000 Series
ER200/V011 F200/C F200/V222 F350/V186 F1000/5
ER200/V012 F200/V003 F200/V245 F350/V228 F1000/12
ER200/V036 F200/V029 F350 Series F350/V258 F1000/24
ER200/V042(3) F200/V035 F350C F350/UL/CPT F1000/48
ER200/V076 F200/V039 F350/5/C F350/V320/CPT F1500/5
ER200/V077 F200/V043 F350/UL F550 Series F1500/12
Quel E1K/V312 28A 36V Quel E1K/48/33I 33A 48V Quel E1K/V571* 27A 5 V Quel E1K/V566* 20A 60V Quel E1K/V325* 12,5A 100V
Quel E1K/100/16I 16A 100V Quel E1K/150/10I 10A 150V      
F200/48/CPT F200/V043/C/P

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