Below is a list of any Protek Protocol Power Products power supplies we have are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


3003 PM201-14B PM450-30B PU110-41A PU42-23A
4421B93602 PM201-16B PM450-31B PU110-42A PU42-25A
60-00189-01 PM201-18B PM450-32B  PU110-45-1A PU42-31-3A
PD110-10 PM201-23B PM450-33B PU110-45-2A PU42-31-5A
PD110-12 PM201-24B PM450-34B PU110-45A PU42-31A
PD110-13 PM201-25B PM450-35B PU110-46A PU42-32A
PD110-14 PM201-27B PM450-36B PU151-12A PU42-39A
PD110-16 PM201-30B PM450-37B PU151-13-1A PU450-12B
PD110-23 PM201-31B PM500-12B PU151-13A PU450-13B
PD110-31 PM201-32B PM500-13-1B PU151-14A PU450-14B
PD110-32 PM201-33B PM500-13B PU151-16A PU450-15B
PD110-40 PM201-36B PM500-14B PU151-17A PU450-16B
PD110-41 PM201-40-3B PM500-15B  PU151-18A PU450-17-1B
PD110-42 PM201-40B PM500-17B PU200-37-1C PU450-18B
PD110-42HC PM201-41B PM500-18B PU201-10-3B PU450-19B
PD110-45-1 PM201-42B PM500-19B PU201-10B PU450-20B
PD110-45-2 PM201-44B PM60-10A PU201-12B PU450-21B
PD110-46 PM201-45B PM60-12A PU201-13B PU450-22B 
PD40-10 PM202-12BN1 PM60-13A PU201-14B PU450-23B
PD40-12 PM202-13-1BN1 PM60-14A PU201-16B PU450-24B
PD40-13 PM202-13BN1 PM60-18A PU201-18B PU450-30B 
PD40-14 PM202-14BN1 PM60-23A PU201-23B PU450-31B
PD40-23 PM202-15BN1 PM60-25A PU201-24B PU450-32B
PD40-24 PM202-16-1BN1 PM60-31-3A PU201-25B PU450-33B
PD40-25 PM202-17BN1 PM60-31-5A PU201-27B  PU450-34B 
PD40-30 PM202-18BN1 PM60-31A PU201-30B PU450-35B
PD40-31 PM300-10-3B PM60-32A PU201-31B PU450-36B
PD40-32 PM300-10B PM60-39A PU201-32B PU450-37B
PD40-33 PM300-12B PM650-12B PU201-33B PU60-10A
PD40-39 PM300-13B PM650-13B PU201-36B PU60-12A
PD65-10 PM300-14B PM650-14B PU201-40-3B PU60-13A
PD65-12 PM300-16B PM650-15B PU201-40B PU60-14A
PD65-13 PM300-18B PM650-16B PU201-41B PU60-18A
PD65-14 PM300-40-3B PM650-17B PU201-42B PU60-23A
PD65-23 PM300-40B PM650-18B PU201-44B PU60-25A
PD65-24 PM300-410B PM650-20B PU201-45B PU60-31-3A
PD65-25 PM300-411B PM650-21B PU202-12B PU60-31-5A
PD65-30 PM300-412B PM650-22B PU202-13-1B PU60-31A
PD65-31 PM300-413B PM650-23B PU202-13B PU60-32A
PD65-32 PM300-414B PM650-24B PU202-14B PU60-39A
PD65-33 PM300-41B PM650-30B PU202-15B PU650-12B
PD65-39 PM300-42B PM650-31B PU202-17B PU650-13B
PD65-40 PM300-45B PM650-32B PU202-18B PU650-14B
PFC200-41B PM300-46B PM650-33B PU300-10-3B PU650-15B
PM100-10A PM300-47B  PM650-34B PU300-10B PU650-16B
PM100-12A PM300-48B PM650-35B PU300-12B PU650-17B
PM100-13-1A PM300-49B PM650-36B PU300-13B PU650-18B
PM100-13A PM301-12A PM650-37B PU300-14B PU650-20B
PM100-14A PM301-13-2A PM651-12B PU300-16B PU650-21B
PM100-15A PM301-13A PM651-13-1B PU300-18B PU650-22B
PM100-17A PM301-14A PM651-13B PU300-40-3B PU650-23B
PM100-18A PM301-16A PM651-14B PU300-40B PU650-24B
PM1100-14C PM301-17A PM651-15B PU300-410B PU650-30B
PM1100-15C PM301-18A PM651-16-1B PU300-411B PU650-31B
PM1100-16C PM400-12B PM651-16B PU300-412B PU650-32B
PM1100-17-1C PM400-13-1B PM651-17-1B PU300-413B PU650-33B
PM1100-17C PM400-13B PM651-17B PU300-414B PU650-34B
PM1100-18-1C PM400-14B PM651-18B PU300-41B PU650-35B
PM1100-18C PM400-15B PM651-19-1B PU300-42B PU650-36B
PM110-10-1A PM400-17B PM651-19B PU300-45B PU650-37B
PM110-10A PM400-18B PU100-10A PU300-46B PU651-12B
PM110-12A PM42-10A PU100-12A PU300-47B PU651-13-1B
PM110-13A PM42-12A PU100-13-1A PU300-48B PU651-13B
PM110-14A PM42-13A PU100-13A PU300-49B PU651-14B
PM110-16A PM42-14A PU100-14A PU301-12A PU651-15B
PM110-23A PM42-18A PU100-15A PU301-13-2A PU651-16-1B
PM110-31A PM42-23A PU100-17A PU301-13A PU651-16B
PM110-32A PM42-25A PU100-18A PU301-14A PU651-17-1B
PM110-40A PM42-31-3A PU1100-14C PU301-16A PU651-17B
PM110-41A PM42-31-5A PU1100-15C PU301-17A PU651-18B
PM110-42A PM42-31A PU1100-16C PU301-18A PU651-19-1B
PM110-45-1A PM42-32A PU1100-17-1C PU30-13SL PU651-19B
PM110-45-2A PM42-39A PU1100-17C PU400-12B PU65-33-1
PM110-45A PM450-12B PU1100-18-1C PU400-13-1B PU65-45-4
PM110-46A PM450-13B PU1100-18C PU400-13B PUB200-12
PM150-12A PM450-14B  PU110-10-1A PU400-14B PUB200-14
PM150-13-1A PM450-15B  PU110-10A PU400-15B PUB200-17
PM150-13A PM450-16B PU110-12A PU400-17B PUB200-18
PM150-14A PM450-17-1B PU110-13A PU400-18B PUB250-12
PM150-16A PM450-18B PU110-14A PU40-31SC PUB250-14
PM150-17A PM450-19B PU110-16A PU40-325 PUB300-14
PM150-18A PM450-20B PU110-23A PU42-10A PUB400-14
PM201-10-3B PM450-21B PU110-31A PU42-12A PUB400-17
PM201-10B  PM450-22B PU110-32A PU42-13A PUB400-18
PM201-12B PM450-23B PU110-40A PU42-14A PUP30-31
PM201-13B PM450-24B PU110-40A PU42-18A PX125-45C

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