Below is a list of any Power-One power supplies we can repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


013-0452-001 B54E0132-1 HCC15 NRG3D15K0K0K0F SPL200 Series
01DW1132X BB15-1.5 HCC15-503 NRG4A70B1B1D7F SPL250
01-W2580E01B BP635 HCC 24 Series NRG4A70B1B1K0F SPL250-1005
01-W2744E01D BP-635 HD5-12/OVP-A NRG4A70B1B1K0FZ SPL250-1012
01-W2745E01B CL40-7608 HDBB-105 Series NRG4A70B1B1KFZ SPL250-1024
030716-0002 CP131 HDCC-105 NRG4A70B1B1KOF SPL250-S102
0510-0542-2 CP131-500 HDCC-150W-A NRG4A70B1B1KOFZ120 SPL250 Series
100719700 CP13A HDCC Series NRG4A70B1BKFZ SPL33 Series
118-7977-00 CP162-A HDD 15 Series NRG4A70B4B4K SPL40
119-000-090 CP190 HE12 NRG4A70B4B4K0RZ SPL400
1300054003 CP-190 HE24-7.2A NRG4A7B1B1KOFZ SPL400-500P
132-0057-001 CP190-1 HE24-7.2-A NRG-4ANRG-4A35BABAB4 SPL40-1005
1-635-0171 CP-190-1 HE24 Series NRG5A70B1B1D4 SPL50
18785 CP228-A HE5 Series NRG5A70B1B1K0 SPL50-3200
19-017614 CP236 HHA15 O1DW1132X SPL50 Series
1948003A1R CP236A HN PFC250-4530F SPL53-1024
1948003A1R-P CP236C HN12-502 PFC375-1024 SPL53-4000
200-0077-001 CP236D HN24-3.6A PFC375-1024F SPL53-4101
200-0090-001 CP255/259 HN24-501 PFC375-4000 SPM2E1V6
2-19080-02 CP256A HP5B2A8BEBQS43 PFC375-4004F SPM3
2-19118-02 CP291 HPF4A PFC375-4201 SPM3A1M4D1RS171
220668 CP291A HPF4A4A2S310 PFC375-S165 SPM3A2K
230072-200AC CP296A HPF4A4AD-P018 PFC500-1024 SPM3A2N6
23F0634 CP307 HPF4A4ADP108 PFC500-1024F SPM3A2N6N
24-00005-01 CP31-A HPF5A4H4BJ PFC500-1048 SPM3A6A6F1
24-00006-01 CP341 HPF5A6D8A6M4K PFC500-1048F SPM3D2K
25805 CP349 HPF5B2A8BEQS437 PFM-1 SPM3E2KA
30312 CP353 HPF5H7A1LS716 RD-15  SPM3E2KR
30313 CP353-A HPF5-H7A1-LS716 RG5-40/OVP SPM3E2KS442
30434 CP379 HPF5H7A6LS657 RPM-5A7A71C SPM5
31002 CP384-501 HPM5A2A2KS234 SF Series SPM5A
31024 CP443 HPM5-A4-A2-KH SHQ-150W SPM5A-12-12
34-0640-02REVA0 CP475 HPM5A4F4A6S485 SHQ150WA SPM5A1B1W1W1G1R
359781 CP509 HPM5B2A8BEBQS362 SHQ Series SPM5A2
4004-0007 CP602B HPM5D1D1C4B4A6 SK12-16.8 SPM5A2A1MKS259
4074527-0041 CP614 HPM5E5EKLS6 SK Series SPM5A2A2B4HS111
4074527-0070 CP614B HPM5E8E8KE8KYJ SP SPM5A2A2KB
46-251198P37 CP628 HPM7CZCYBED8KS4 SP150 SPM5A2A2KH
46-251198P41 CP629C H Series Most Models SP554 (Tektronix) SPM5A2A2KS2
46-306687P1 CP638MA HSQ5HC15HHC15HH SP630 SPM5A2A2KS254
484-0037186 CP648 HSQ5HC15HHHC SPF3A8M6B1 SPM5A2A2M4H
449-001819-000-B CP648A HTAA SPF4A2M6K SPM5A2A2M4-H
505674 CP650A M5 SPF4A3M36 SPM5A2A2V6HR
509289 CPA250-4530 MAP110-1024C SPF4A4B1B4 SPM5A2B1B1B1A1RS173
509853 CPS03A MAP130-1005 SPF4A4M6K SPM5A2B1B1K
605532 CP Series  MAP130-1012 SPF4A4V6K SPM5A2B1B1KN
6130-01-4487275 EA00027001 MAP130-4001 SPF4ADC4K-P017 SPM5A2B2B1K
621-00-00500R EA00034001 MAP130-4010 SPF4A-M36 SPM5A2B4L
65241 EMA-18/24D MPU150-4350 SPF4AV6K SPM5A2C4B4K/VAD521 P/S
65368 ESP4C3355C07ABD MAP302 SPF4C2KC1S315 SPM5A3A1B4
700964 F24-12A MAP40 SPF4E2A1A1PS SPM5A3AFAFS189
705204 F5 MAP40-3003 SPF4E2KE1S314 SPM5A4B4A1KS289
7304 FS05-101 MAP55-4000 SPF4F4F2S313 SPM5A4KAFAFS337
756852 FS05-102 MAP55-4001 SPF4M3K SPM5A4KAFAFS33Q
76186-101M FXC6000-S105 MAP55-4002 SPF4M3V6 SPM5A6E1E1E1KS1
7627 FXP7000-48-S MAP55-4003 SPF4M6D6D6B1 SPM5A6F1V6D4D4
7628 G39D2006801 MAP 55 Series SPF6KU6G4G4KCES SPM5A6F1V6D4D4R
770868 G5 MAP80-1024 SPF Series SPM5A8B6LK
770903 GHOF5-12 MAP80-4000 SPL100 Series SPM5ADAELBS180
7772776 GPN6145B MAP80-4002 SPL125 SPM5ADB1D1S274
77727761 GSPQF5HC5M15M MAP80-4003 SPL130-0115 SPM5C1C1E1E1KS
801660-003 GSQPF-5HC-5HHC MAP 80 Series SPL130-1005 SPM5D2A6N6D1BS223
801822-125 H135 MB300 SPL130-1024 SPM5D2D1B4A1
801822-135 HAA15 ME Series SPL130-4000 SPM5D2D2D1H
801844-016 HAA15-0.8-A MF Series SPL130-4001PC SPM5D2D2G1BR
830275 HAA5 MG100 SPL130-4100P SPM5D2D2KH
839871 HB48 MH100 SPL130-4101P SPM5E2E2KS228
8838307001 HB5-3/OVP-A MH Series SPL130-4191P SPM5F2F2KS233
88-38310-001 HB75 MJ100 SPL130 Series SPM5G2G2A1H
88-38310-001-DR HBAA-40W MJ Series SPL140 Series SPM5G5A1M4D1
88-383307-001 HBB15-1.5-A MPB125-2012G SPL150 SPM5KAGE1E1KS19
8880 HC15-3-A MPB125-S300 SPL150-4100 SPM5KE1A1B4C4
90STKR HC24-2.4A MPU150-4350 SPL150 Series SPM5M3B1B4
933902 HC5081-C1001 NET1-4230S103 SPL175-4100 SPM5-S224
94000141 HC5-60VP-A NGR350-4201 SPL175 Series SPM Series
96011330 HCAA NRG-3 SPL200 SWA200-4300
96030086 HCAA-60W-A NRG-3A35C SPL200-4000P SWA300
9881 HCBB-75-A NRG3A35C4C4B4 SPL200-4100P WH5D-2FF
A400A0103 HCBB-75W NRG3A35C4C4K0FZ SPL200-5100P MPU150-3300S214
AA15 HCBB-75W-A NRG3A35D4B4B4F SPL200-5200P
ATE HCBB Series NRG-3A50B4B4KO SPL200-S147


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