Below is a list of any PowDec power supplies we can repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.



BSL600 HDT125-43 HDT250-48V-C PTE43-6V VNS65-34
CMC0502 HDT125-44 PCU10.24-48D PTE43-9V VNS65-35
CMC0532 HDT125-45 PMP10.24ASIC PTH09045 VNS65-36
CMG9-01 HDT125-48V PTE43-12V PTH43301 VNS65-37
CMH2-1  HDT125-5V PTE43-15V PTH65201 VNS65-38
CVNR65-24 HDT125-5V-12V PTE43-21 PTK100-12V UPN100-5V-12V
HDT125-33 HDT250 PTE43-22 PTK100-15V UPN65-31
HDT125-12V HDT250-C PTE43-23 PTK100-24V UPN65-32
HDT125-15V HDT250-12V PTE43-24V VHD300 WI25-33 – PM5
HDT125-24V HDT250-12V-C PTE43-3.3V VNRM65-12V WI25-34 – PM5
HDT125-3.3V HDT250-24V PTE43-31 VNRM65-24V WI60-24V
HDT125-3.3-12V HDT250-24V-C PTE43-32 VNRM65-3.3V WP10280I
HDT125-31 HDT250-28V PTE43-33 VNRM65-48V
HDT125-32 HDT250-28V-C PTE43-34 VNRM65-5V
HDT125-33 HDT250-36V PTE43-35 VNS65-31
HDT125-41 HDT250-36V-C PTE43-36 VNS65-32
HDT125-42 HDT250-48V PTE43-5V VNS65-33

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