Below is a list of any Phihong power supplies we can repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


29203-200 PSA-1509U PSA25L-050 PSF200-401 PSA60-301
PSA065-120 PSA1554-605 PSA25L-120 PSM202A PSA60-303
PSA065-120M PSA15LN2-033 PSA25L-150 PSM210-417 PSA60-304
PSA065-240 PSA15LN2-050 PSA25L-201 PSM500-210 PSA65-315
PSA065-240M PSA15LN2-090 PSA25L-202 PSM500-216 PSS100-120
PSA065-480 PSA15LN2-120 PSA25L-240 PSM-54-120C PSS100-150
PSA065-480M PSA15LN2-150 PSA25L-301 PSM-66-201 PSF151-033C
PSA65U-301 PSA15LN2-180 PSA25LS-033 PSS100-033 PSS100-240
PSA075-050 PSA15LN2-240 PSA25LS-050 PSS100-050 PSS40-033
PSA075-240 PSA15LN3-033 PSA3000-611 PSA-4033 PSS40-050
PSA120-120 PSA15LN3-050 PSA-40271 PSA-4531 PSS40-120
PSA110-401 PSA15LN3-090 PSA-4031 PSA-523BU PSS40-150
PSA110-402 PSA15LN3-150 PSM1000-216 PSA-523T PSS40-201
PSA110-403 PSA15LN3-180 PSF151-050C PSA-60 PSS40-211
PSA120-050 PSA15LN3-240 PSF151-120C PSA60-033 PSS40-240
PSA075-120 PSA160-210 PSF151-150C PSA60-105 PSS40-301
PSA120-240 PSA160-212 PSF151-201C PSA60-112 PSS40-303
PSA-1505U PSA160-216 PSF151-203C PSA60-115 PSS40-304
PSA110-105 PSA160-218 PSF151-211C PSA60-124 PSS40-311
PSA110-112 PSA-2041U PSF151-213C PSA60-148 PSS40-313
PSA110-115 PSA-2054 PSF151-240C PSA60-202 PSS40-480
PSA110-124 PSA25L-033 PSF151-480C PSA60-203  

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