Below is a list of any N2power power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


10PK-SS XL125-56 DC CS XL160-30 XL275-15 CS XL280-54 CS
400101-01-0 XL125-56DC XL160-30 CS XL275-15CS XL280-54CS
N150-400-172-RA XL125-7 XL160-30CS XL275-16 XL280-56
XL100-12 XL125-8 XL160-33 CS XL275-16 CS XL280-56 CS
XL100-24 XL125-8 (400009-61-9) XL160-48 XL275-16CS XL280-56CS
XL100-48 XL125-8 DC XL160-48 CS XL275-18 XL330-54 CS
XL125-03 XL160-05 XL160-48 DC XL275-18 CS XL375-12
XL125-03-CS XL160-05 CS XL160-48 DC CS XL275-24 XL375-12 CS
XL125-05 XL160-05 DC XL160-48CS XL275-24 CS XL375-12CS
XL125-05 CS XL160-05 DC CS XL160-5 XL275-24 DC XL375-24
XL125-05 DC CS XL160-05CS XL160-51 XL275-24CS XL375-24 CS
XL125-05CS XL160-07 XL160-51 CS XL275-28 XL375-24CS
XL125-05DC XL160-07 CS XL160-51CS XL275-28 CS XL375-28 CS
XL125-1 XL160-08 XL160-54 XL275-28CS XL375-28-48
XL125-1 DC XL160-08 CS XL160-54 CS XL275-36 XL375-28CS
XL125-12 XL160-1 XL160-54 DC XL275-36 CS XL375-30
XL125-12 DC CS XL160-1 DC XL160-54 DC CS XL275-48 XL375-30 CS
XL125-12-CS XL160-10 XL160-56 XL275-48 CS XL375-36 CS
XL125-12-CS XL160-11 XL160-56 CS XL275-48 DC XL375-40 CS
XL125-12DC XL160-12 XL160-56 DC XL275-48 DC CS XL375-40CS
XL125-15 XL160-12 CS XL160-56 DC CS XL275-48CS XL375-48 CS
XL125-15 CS XL160-12 DC XL160-56CS XL275-54 XL375-48CS
XL125-15 DC CS XL160-12 DC CS XL160-6 XL275-54 CS XL375-54 CS
XL125-15CS XL160-12CS XL160-7 XL275-54 DC XL375-54-56
XL125-15DC XL160-15 XL160-7ATX XL275-54 DC CS XL375-54CS
XL125-1ATX XL160-15 CS XL160-8 XL275-54CS XL375-56 CS
XL125-24 XL160-15 DC XL160-8 DC XL275-56 XR160-12
XL125-24 CS XL160-15CS XL260-2ATX XL275-56 CS XR160-12 CS
XL125-24 DC CS XL160-19 XL260-4ATX XL275-56 DC XR160-15 CS
XL125-24CS XL160-19 CS XL270-12 XL275-56 DC CS XR160-19 CS
XL125-24DC XL160-19CS XL270-24 XL275-56CS XR160-1ATX
XL125-28 XL160-1ATX XL270-30 XL280-12 XR160-24 CS
XL125-28 CS XL160-2 XL270-48 XL280-12 CS XR160-28 CS
XL125-28CS XL160-24 XL270-56 XL280-12CS XR160-30 CS
XL125-48 XL160-24 CS XL275 24 DC CS XL280-24 XR160-48 CS
XL125-48 CS XL160-24 DC XL275-12 XL280-24 CS XR160-51 CS
XL125-48 DC CS XL160-24 DC CS XL275-12 CS XL280-24CS XR160-54 CS
XL125-48CS XL160-24CS XL275-12 DC XL280-48 XR160-56 CS
XL125-48DC XL160-28 XL275-12 DC CS XL280-48 CS XR160-7ATX
XL125-54 DC CS XL160-28 CS XL275-12CS XL280-48CS XR160-8ATX
XL125-54DC XL160-3 XL275-15 XL280-54 XS285ATX

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