Below is a list of any Meanwell power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


CA05951-2950 1 RSD-100C-12 SDL-075BQ1 SPS-100P-ID6 SPU-230-D1
CA05951-2950 2 RSD-100C-24 SDL-075CQ1 SPS-100P-IT1 SPU-230-D2
CA05951-2950 3 RSD-100C-5 SFX-0525H SPS-100P-IT2 SPU-230-D3
CA05951-2950 4 RSD-100D-12 SNP-G125 SPS-100-PT4 SPV-300-24
LPP-150-48 RSD-100D-24 SNP-G127 SPS-100-PT5 SPV-300-25
LRS-100-12 RSD-100D-5 SNP-G128 SPS-100-Q1 SPV-300-48
LRS-100-15 RSD-200B-12 SNP-G129 SPS-100-Q2 SPV-300-49
LRS-100-24 RSD-200B-24 SNP-G129 SPS-100-Q2 SPV-300-50
LRS-100-3.3 RSD-200B-48 SNP-G12G SPS-100-Q3 SPV-300-51
LRS-100-36 RSD-200C-12 SNP-G12G SPS-100-Q4 SPV-600-12
LRS-100-48 RSD-200C-24 SNP-G12J SPS-100-Q5 SPV-600-12
LRS-100-5 RSD-200C-48 SNP-G12J SPS-100-T1 SPV-600-12
LRS-150-12 RSD-200D-12 SNP-G12T SPS-100-T2 SPV-600-12
LRS-150-12 RSD-200D-24 SNP-G12T SPS-100-T3 SPV-600-24
LRS-150-15 RSD-200D-48 SNP-G130 SPS-100-T4 SPV-600-24
LRS-150-15 RSP-1000-12 SNP-X125 SPS-100-T5 SPV-600-24
LRS-150-24 RSP-1000-15 SNP-X125 SPS-100-T6 SPV-600-24
LRS-150-24 RSP-1000-24 SNP-X127 SPS-100-T7 SPV-600-48
LRS-150-36 RSP-1000-27 SNP-X127 SPS-100-T8 SPV-600-48
LRS-150-36 RSP-1000-48 SNP-X128 SPS-110-05 SPV-600-48
LRS-150-48 RSP-1500-12 SNP-X128 SPS-110-05 SPV-600-48
LRS-150-48 RSP-1500-15 SNP-X129 SPS-110-10 SPW-6200P1
LRS-150F-12 RSP-1500-24 SNP-X129 SPS-110-10 SPW-6200P2
LRS-150F-15 RSP-1500-27 SNP-X12H SPS-110-12 SPW-6200P3
LRS-150F-24 RSP-1500-48 SNP-X12T SPS-110-15 SPW-6200P4
LRS-150F-36 RSP-1500-5 SNP-YL60 SPS-110-18 SPW-6250P1
LRS-150F-48 RSP-1500-9 SNP-YL61 SPS-110-24 SPW-6250P2
LRS-150F-5 RSP-2000-12 SNP-YL63 SPS-110-28 SPW-6250P3
LRS-150F-5 RSP-2000-24 SNP-YL66 SPS-110-3-3 SPW-6250P4
LRS-200-12 RSP-2000-48 SNP-YL67 SPS-110-48 SPW-6300-P1
LRS-200-15 RSP-2400-12 SNP-YL67-1 SPS-110-7-5 SPW-6300-P2
LRS-200-24 RSP-2400-24 SNP-YL68 SPS-120P-05 SPW-6300-P3
LRS-200-3.3 RSP-2400-48 SNP-YL68-1 SPS-120P-12 SPW-6300-P4
LRS-200-36 RSP-3000-12 SNP-YL69 SPS-120P-15 SPX-0208
LRS-200-4.2 RSP-3000-24 SNP-YL69-1 SPS-120P-24 SPX-0209
LRS-200-48 RSP-3000-36 SNP-YL6B SPS-120P-30 SPX-0210
LRS-200-5 RSP-3000-48 SNP-YL6E SPS-120P-3-3 SPX-0211
LRS-350-12 RT-125D SNP-YL6T SPS-120P-48 SPX18A09-090-2
LRS-350-15 RT-125D SP-100-12 SPS-120P-7-5 SPX18A09-090-3
LRS-350-24 RT-125D SP-100-13-5 SPS-150P-05 SPX18A09-090-4
LRS-350-3.3 RT-125D SP-100-15 SPS-150P-12 SPX18A09-090-5
LRS-350-36 RT-50A SP-100-24 SPS-150P-15 SPX-5200-GP1
LRS-350-4.2 RT-50B SP-100-27 SPS-150P-24 SPX-5200-GP2
LRS-350-48 RT-50C SP-100-3-3 SPS-150P-27 SPX-5200-GP3
LRS-350-5 RT-50D SP-100-48 SPS-150P-3-3 SPX-5200-GP4
LRS-35-12 RT-65A SP-100-5 SPS-150P-48 SPX-5250-GP1
LRS-35-12 RT-65B SP-100-7-5 SPS-150P-7-5 SPX-5250-GP2
LRS-35-15 RT-65B-85 SP-150-12 SPS-151P-05 SPX-5250-GP3
LRS-35-15 RT-65C SP-150-13-5 SPS-151P-12 SPX-5250-GP4
LRS-35-24 RT-65C-85 SP-150-15 SPS-151P-15 SPX-5300-GP1
LRS-35-24 RT-65D SP-150-24 SPS-151P-24 SPX-5300-GP2
LRS-35-36 RT-65D-85 SP-150-27 SPS-151P-27 SPX-5300-GP3
LRS-35-36 RT-85A SP-150-3-3 SPS-151P-3-3 SPX-5300-GP4
LRS-35-48 S-100F-12 SP-150-48 SPS-151P-48 SPX-5350-GP1
LRS-35-48 S-100F-15 SP-150-5 SPS-151P-7-5 SPX-5350-GP2
LRS-35-5 S-100F-24 SP-150-7-5 SPS-170P-05 SPX-5350-GP3
LRS-35-5 S-100F-48 SP-200-12 SPS-170P-12 SPX-5350-GP4
LRS-50-12 S-100F-5 SP-200-13-5 SPS-170P-15 SPX-6160A1
LRS-50-15 S-100F-7-5 SP-200-15 SPS-170P-24 SPX-6160A2
LRS-50-24 S1500-224E3-UK SP-200-24 SPS-170P-28 SPX-6160A3
LRS-50-3.3 S1500-224E3-UK-1 SP-200-27 SPS-170P-3-3 SPX-6160A4
LRS-50-36 S1500-248E3-UK SP-200-3-3 SPS-170P-48 SPX-6160P1
LRS-50-48 S1500-248E3-UK-1 SP-200-48 SPS-170P-7-5 SPX-6160P2
LRS-50-5 S-150-12 SP-200-5 SPS-220P-05 SPX-6160P3
LRS-75-12 S-150-12-1 SP-200-7-5 SPS-220P-12 SPX-6160P4
LRS-75-12 S-150-12-1-s SP-240-12 SPS-220P-15 SPX-6200A1
LRS-75-15 S-150-13-5 SP-240-15 SPS-220P-24 SPX-6200A2
LRS-75-15 S-150-13-5-1 SP-240-24 SPS-220P-27 SPX-6200A3
LRS-75-24 S-150-13-5-1-s SP-240-30 SPS-220P-3-3 SPX-6200A4
LRS-75-24 S-150-15 SP-240-48 SPS-220P-48 SPX-6200-GP1
LRS-75-36 S-150-15-1 SP-240-5 SPS-220P-7-5 SPX-6200-GP2
LRS-75-36 S-150-15-1-s SP-240-7-5 SPS-230P-05 SPX-6200-GP3
LRS-75-48 S-150-24 SP-320-12 SPS-230P-12 SPX-6200-GP4
LRS-75-48 S-150-24-1 SP-320-13-5 SPS-230P-15 SPX-6200P1
LRS-75-5 S-150-24-1-s SP-320-15 SPS-230P-24 SPX-6200P2
LRS-75-5 S-150-27 SP-320-24 SPS-230P-27 SPX-6200P3
PVRSP3000-36 S-150-27-1 SP-320-27 SPS-230P-3-3 SPX-6200P4
RCP-1000-48-C S-150-27-1-s SP-320-3-3 SPS-230P-48 SPX-6250-GP1
RPD-160B S-150-48 SP-320-36 SPS-230P-7-5 SPX-6250-GP2
RPD-60A S-150-48-1 SP-320-48 SPS-240P-12 SPX-6250-GP3
RPD-60B S-150-48-1-s SP-320-5 SPS-320P-05 SPX-6250-GP4
RPD-65C S-150-5 SP-320-7-5 SPS-320P-12 SPX-6250P1
RPD-65D S-150-5-1 SP-480-12 SPS-320P-15 SPX-6250P2
RPD-75A S-150-5-1-s SP-480-15 SPS-320P-24 SPX-6250P3
RPD-75B S-150-7-5 SP-480-24 SPS-320P-30 SPX-6250P4
RPDG-160B S-150-7-5-1 SP-480-3-3 SPS-320P-3-3 SPX-6300A2
RPS-160-12 S-150-7-5-1-s SP-480-48 SPS-320P-48 SPX-6300A3
RPS-160-15 S-150-9 SP-480-5 SPS-320P-7-5 SPX-6300A4
RPS-160-24 S-150-9-1 SP-500-12 SPS-600P-05 SPX-6300A5
RPS-160-48 S-150-9-1-s SP-500-13-5 SPS-600P-12 SPX-6300-GP1
RPS-160-5 S-210-12 SP-500-15 SPS-600P-15 SPX-6300-GP2
RPS-60-12 S-210-13-5 SP-500-24 SPS-600P-24 SPX-6300-GP3
RPS-60-15 S-210-15 SP-500-27 SPS-600P-30 SPX-6300-GP4
RPS-60-24 S-210-24 SP-500-48 SPS-600P-48 SPX-6300P1
RPS-60-3-3 S-210-27 SP-750-12 SPS-750P-05 SPX-6300P2
RPS-60-48 S-210-48 SP-750-15 SPS-750P-12 SPX-6300P3
RPS-60-5 S-210-5 SP-750-24 SPS-750P-15 SPX-6300P4
RPS-75-12 S-210-7-5 SP-750-27 SPS-750P-24 SPX-6300P5
RPS-75-15 S-40-12 SP-750-48 SPS-750P-30 SPX-6300P6
RPS-75-24 S-40-15 SP-750-5 SPS-750P-36 SPX-6300P7
RPS-75-3-3 S-40-24 SPL-055-D1 SPS-750P-48 SPX-6300P8
RPS-75-36 S-40-5 SPL-075-D1 SPS-G075-05 SPX-6350-GP1
RPS-75-48 S-60-12 SPL-075-Q1 SPS-G075-12 SPX-6350-GP2
RPS-75-5 S-60-15 SPP-075-D1 SPS-G075-15 SPX-6350-GP3
RPSG-160-12 S-60-24 SPP-075-D2 SPS-G075-24 SPX-6400A2
RPSG-160-15 S-60-5 SPP-075-D3 SPS-G075-30 SPX-6400A3
RPSG-160-24 SD-1000H-12 SPP-075-D4 SPS-G075-48 SPX-6400A4
RPSG-160-48 SD-1000H-24 SPP-075-T1 SPS-G075-D1 SPX-6400P2
RPSG-160-5 SD-1000H-48 SPP-075-T2 SPS-G075-D2 SPX-6400P3
RPT-160-A SD-1000L-12 SPP-075-T3 SPS-G075-ID1 SPX-6400P4
RPT-160-B SD-1000L-24 SPP-075-T4 SPS-G075-ID2 SPX-6430P1
RPT-160-C SD-1000L-48 SPP-100P-05 SPS-G075-Q1 SPX-6430P2
RPT-160-D SD-100B-12 SPP-100P-12 SPS-G075-Q3 SPX-6430P3
RPT-6003 SD-100B-24 SPP-100P-15 SPS-G075-Q4 SPX-6460P2
RPT-60A SD-100B-5 SPP-100P-24 SPS-G075-T1A SPX-6460P3
RPT-60B SD-100C-12 SPP-100P-28 SPS-G075-T1B SPX-6460P4
RPT-60C SD-100C-24 SPP-100P-3-3 SPS-G075-T3 SPX-6500P1
RPT-60D SD-100C-5 SPP-100P-48 SPS-G075-T4A SPX-6500P2
RPT-65E SD-100D-12 SPP-100P-7-5 SPS-G075-T4B SPX-6500P3
RPT-65F SD-100D-24 SPP-110-D1 SPS-G100-05 SPX-6520P2
RPT-65G SD-100D-5 SPP-110-Q1 SPS-G100-12 SPX-6520P3
RPT-7503 SD-150B-12 SPP-150P-05 SPS-G100-15 SPX-6520P4
RPT-75A SD-150B-24 SPP-150P-12 SPS-G100-24 SS-200U1A
RPT-75B SD-150C-12 SPP-150P-15 SPS-G100-30 SS-200U1A
RPT-75C SD-150C-24 SPP-150P-24 SPS-G100-3-3 SS-200U1A
RPT-75D SD-150D-12 SPP-150P-27 SPS-G100-48 SS-2501UA
RQ-125B SD-150D-24 SPP-150P-3-3 SPS-G100-7-5 SS-2501UA
RQ-125C SD-200B-12 SPP-150P-48 SPS-G100-D1 SS-2501UA
RQ-125D SD-200B-24 SPP-150P-7-5 SPS-G100-D2 SS-250EPS1U
RQ-50B SD-200B-48 SPR-2321-A2 SPS-G100-ID1 SS-250EPS1U
RQ-50C SD-200B-5 SPR-2321-A6 SPS-G100-ID2 SS-250EPS1U
RQ-50D SD-200C-12 SPR-2321-P2 SPS-G100-ID5 SS-250-FS
RQ-65B SD-200C-24 SPR-2321-P6 SPS-G100-ID6 SS-250-FS
RQ-65C SD-200C-48 SPR-2323-A2 SPS-G100-Q1 SS-250-FS
RQ-65D SD-200C-5 SPR-2323-A6 SPS-G100-Q3 SS-250-SFD
RQ-85B SD-200D-12 SPR-2323-P2 SPS-G100-Q4 SS-250-SFD
RQ-85C SD-200D-24 SPR-2323-P6 SPS-M060-05 SS-250-SFD
RQ-85D SD-200D-48 SPR-2326P2 SPS-M060-12 SS-250SU
RS-100-12 SD-200D-5 SPR-2326P6 SPS-M060-15 SS-250SU
RS-100-15 SD-350B-12 SPR-2327-A2 SPS-M060-24 SS-250SU
RS-100-24 SD-350B-24 SPR-2327-A6 SPS-M060-30 SS-250U1A
RS-100-3-3 SD-350B-48 SPR-2327-P2 SPS-M060-48 SS-250U1A
RS-100-48 SD-350B-5 SPR-2327-P6 SPS-S100-05 SS-250U1A
RS-100-5 SD-350C-12 SPR-2480P2 SPS-S100-12 SS-250U1C
RS-150-12 SD-350C-24 SPR-2480-P6 SPS-S100-15 SS-250U1C
RS-150-12-1 SD-350C-48 SPR-3480-P6 SPS-S100-24 SS-250U1C
RS-150-15 SD-350C-5 SPS-100-12 SPS-S100-30 SS-300-FK
RS-150-15-1 SD-350D-12 SPS-100-15 SPS-S100-3-3 SS-300-FK
RS-150-24 SD-350D-24 SPS-100-24 SPS-S100-48 SS-300-FK
RS-150-24-1 SD-350D-48 SPS-100-3-3 SPS-S100-7-5 SS-300-FS
RS-150-3-3 SD-350D-5 SPS-100-48 SPS-S150-05 SS-300-FS
RS-150-3-3-1 SD-500H-12 SPS-100-D1 SPS-S150-12 SS-300-FS
RS-150-48 SD-500H-24 SPS-100-D2 SPS-S150-15 SS-300-FT
RS-150-48-1 SD-500H-48 SPS-100-D3 SPS-S150-24 SS-300-FT
RS-150-5 SD-500L-12 SPS-100-D4 SPS-S150-36 SS-300-FT
RS-150-5-1 SD-500L-24 SPS-100P-05 SPS-S150-7-5 SS-300SFD
RS-50-24 SD-500L-48 SPS-100P-12 SPU-100-24 SS-300SFD
RS-50-3-3 SDD-160-12 SPS-100P-15 SPU-100-5 SS-300SFD
RS-50-48 SDD-250-24 SPS-100P-24 SPU-100-D1 SS-300TFX
RS-50-5 SDD-250-48 SPS-100P-30 SPU-100-D2 SS-300TFX
RS-75-12 SDD-300-24 SPS-100P-3-3 SPU-100-D3 SS-300TFX
RS-75-15 SDD-300-48 SPS-100P-48 SPU-100-Q1 SS-3200H1U
RS-75-24 SDD-300-96 SPS-100PD1 SPU-150-D1 SS-3200H1U
RS-75-3-3 SDD-425-48 SPS-100PD2 SPU-150-D2 SS-3200H1U
RS-75-48 SDD-425-96 SPS-100PD3 SPU-150-D3 SS-350ET
RS-75-5 SDL-045AD1 SPS-100PD4 SPU-150-Q1 SS-350ET
RSD-100B-12 SDL-055BD1 SPS-100P-ID1 SPU-150-Q2 SS-350ET
RSD-100B-24 SDL-055CD1 SPS-100P-ID2 SPU-150-Q3 SS-350-FK
RSD-100B-5 SDL-065AQ1 SPS-100P-ID5 SPU-150-Q4 SS-350-FK

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