Below is a list of any Magic Power  power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


MPD-8071-S MPE-G123 MPE-S105 MPM-706H MPM-S125
MPD-807H MPE-G125 MPE-S105-1 MPM-815H MPM-S126
MPD-810H MPE-G126 MPE-S106 MPM-842P-F MPM-S127
MPD-810H-1 MPE-K253 MPE-T063 MPM-A30H MPM-U303
MPD-810H-V MPE-K255 MPE-T065 MPM-G203 MPM-U305
MPD-815H MPE-K256 MPE-T066 MPM-G205 MPM-U30R
MPD-830C MPE-S043 MPI-706H MPM-G205-19 MPM-U30T-48
MPD-830R MPE-S045 MPI-806H MPM-S052 MPM-U653
MPD-830V MPE-S046 MPI-810H MPM-S053 MPM-U655
MPD-F113-1 MPE-S063 MPI-815H MPM-S055 MPM-U656
MPD-F113-2 MPE-S064 MPI-822H MPM-S056
MPD-F113-V MPE-S065 MPI-P10H MPM-S103
MPD-S103 MPE-S066 MPI-U403 MPM-S105
MPD-S105 MPE-S06A MPI-U405 MPM-S106
MPD-S108 MPE-S103 MPI-U406 MPM-S123