Glassman Europe

Below is a list of any Glassman Europe  power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


EJ1.5R400 EY6R200 KT150N10 MJ15P1000 SH10P800
EJ10N60 EY8N150 KT150P10 MJ20N700 SH10R1.6
EJ10P60 EY8P150 KT150R10 MJ20P700 SH10R800
EJ10R60 EY8R150 KT70N29 MJ30N400 SH12N1.3
EJ12N50 FJ1.5N80 KT70P29 MJ30P400 SH12N670
EJ12P50 FJ1.5P80 KT70R29 MJ3N5000 SH12P1.3
EJ12R50 FJ1.5R80 KT80N25 MJ3P5000 SH12P670
EJ15N40 FJ10N12 KT80P25 MJ5N3000 SH12R1.3
EJ15P40 FJ10P12 KT80R25 MJ5P3000 SH12R670
EJ15R40 FJ10R12 LH200N20 MK1.5N50L SH15N1.06
EJ1R600 FJ12N10 LH200N40 MK1.5P50L SH15N530
EJ20N30 FJ12P10 LH200P20 MK10N7.5 SH15P1.06
EJ20P30 FJ12R10 LH200P40 MK10P7.5 SH15P530
EJ20R30 FJ15N8 LH200R20 MK15N5 SH15R1.06
EJ25N24 FJ15P8 LH200R40 MK15P5 SH15R530
EJ25P24 FJ15R8 LH250N16 MK1N75L SH1R16.0
EJ25R24 FJ1N120 LH250N32 MK1P75L SH1R8.0
EJ2R300 FJ1P120 LH250P16 MK20N3.7 SH20N400
EJ30N20 FJ1R120 LH250P32 MK20P3.7 SH20N800
EJ30P20 FJ20N6 LH250R16 MK25N3 SH20P400
EJ30R20 FJ20P6 LH250R32 MK25P3 SH20P800
EJ3R200 FJ20R6 LH300N12.5 MK2N37.5L SH20R400
EJ40N15 FJ25N4.8 LH300N25 MK2P37.5L SH20R800
EJ40P15 FJ25P4.8 LH300P12.5 MK30N2.5 SH25N320
EJ40R15 FJ25R4.8 LH300P25 MK30P2.5 SH25N640
EJ50N12 FJ2N60 LH300R12.5 MK35N2 SH25P320
EJ50P12 FJ2P60 LH300R25 MK35P2 SH25P640
EJ50R12 FJ2R60 LH350N18 MK3N25L SH25R320
EJ5R120 FJ30N4 LH350N9 MK3P25L SH25R640
EJ60N10 FJ30P4 LH350P18 MK40N1.8 SH2R4.0
EJ60P10 FJ30R4 LH350P9 MK40P1.8 SH2R8.0
EJ60R10 FJ3N40 LH350R18 MK50N1.5 SH30N270
EJ6R100 FJ3P40 LH350R9 MK50P1.5 SH30N540
EJ8N75 FJ3R40 LH400N14 MK5N15L SH30P270
EJ8P75 FJ40N3 LH400N7 MK5P15L SH30P540
EJ8R75 FJ40P3 LH400P14 MK60N1.2 SH30R270
ET1.5R1300 FJ40R3 LH400P7 MK60P1.2 SH30R540
ET10N200 FJ50N2.4 LH400R14 OQ200N40 SH3R2.7
ET10P200 FJ50P2.4 LH400R7 OQ200N80 SH3R5.4
ET10R200 FJ50R2.4 LH450N12 OQ200P40 SH40N200
ET12N165 FJ5N24 LH450N6 OQ200P80 SH40N400
ET12P165 FJ5P24 LH450P12 OQ200R40 SH40P200
ET12R165 FJ5R24 LH450P6 OQ200R80 SH40P400
ET15N132 FJ60N2 LH450R12 OQ250N32 SH40R200
ET15P132 FJ60P2 LH450R6 OQ250N64 SH40R400
ET15R132 FJ60R2 LH500N10 OQ250P32 SH50N160
ET1R2000 FJ6N20 LH500N5 OQ250P64 SH50N320
ET20N100 FJ6P20 LH500P10 OQ250R32 SH50P160
ET20P100 FJ6R20 LH500P5 OQ250R64 SH50P320
ET20R100 FJ8N15 LH500R10 OQ300N25 SH50R160
ET25N80 FJ8P15 LH500R5 OQ300N50 SH50R320
ET25P80 FJ8R15 LPC100-15 OQ300P25 SH5R1.6
ET25R80 FL0750F2.0 LPC100-17 OQ300P50 SH5R3.2
ET2R1000 FL1000F1.5 LPC100-8.5 OQ300R25 SH60N130
ET30N66 FL1250F1.2 LPC12.5-120 OQ300R50 SH60N260
ET30P66 FL1500F1 LPC12-140 OQ350N18 SH60P130
ET30R66 HM 15-20 0-15V 0-20A LPC12-70 OQ350N36 SH60P260
ET3R660 HM 30-10 0-30V 0-10A  LPC150-10 OQ350P18 SH60R130
ET40N50 HM 60-5 LPC150-11.2 OQ350P36 SH60R260
ET40P50 KR100N30 LPC150-5.6 OQ350R18 SH6R1.3
ET40R50 KR100P30 LPC20-42 OQ350R36 SH6R2.6
ET50N40 KR100R30 LPC20-76 OQ400N14 SH70N110
ET50P40 KR10N300 LPC20-84 OQ400N28 SH70N220
ET50R40 KR10P300 LPC300-2.8 OQ400P14 SH70P110
ET5R400 KR10R300 LPC300-5 OQ400P28 SH70P220
ET60N33 KR12N250 LPC300-5.6 OQ400R14 SH70R110
ET60P33 KR12P250 LPC30-50 OQ400R28 SH70R220
ET60R33 KR12R250 LPC33-25 OQ450N12 SH80N100
ET6R330 KR15N200 LPC33-50 OQ450N24 SH80N200
ET8N250 KR15P200 LPC40-21 OQ450P12 SH80P100
ET8P250 KR15R200 LPC40-38 OQ450P24 SH80P200
ET8R250 KR20N150 LPC40-42 OQ450R12 SH80R100
EV0.7F4.0 KR20P150 LPC600-1.4 OQ450R24 SH80R200
EV1.0F3.0 KR20R150 LPC600-2.6 OQ500N10 SH8N1.0
EV1.2F2.4 KR25N120 LPC600-2.8 OQ500N20 SH8N2.0
EV1.5F2 KR25P120 LPC60-14 OQ500P10 SH8P1.0
EY1.5R800 KR25R120 LPC60-25 OQ500P20 SH8P2.0
EY10N120 KR2R1.5 LPC60-28 OQ500R10 SH8R1.0
EY10P120 KR30N100 LPC6-110  OQ500R20 SH8R2.0
EY10R120 KR30P100 LPC6-220 OS200N10 TMR 10-60 0-10V 0-60A
EY12N100 KR30R100 LPC80-10.5 OS200P10 TMR 150-4 0-150V 0-4A
EY12P100 KR3R1.0 LPC80-19 OS200R10 TMR 20-30 0-20V 0-30A
EY12R100 KR40N75 LPC80-21 OS250N8 TMR 300-2
EY15N80 KR40P75 LPC8-100 OS250P8 TMR 40-15 0-40V 0-15A
EY15P80 KR40R75 LPC8-187.5 OS250R8 TMR 5-75 0-5V 0-75A
EY15R80 KR50N60 LPC8-200 OS300N6 TMR 60-10 0-60V 0-10A
EY1R1200 KR50P60 LV300-10  OS300P6 TMR 80-7.5 0-80V 0-7.5A
EY20N60 KR50R60 LVP 100-10 OS300R6 TMR 8-75 0-8V 0-75A 
EY20P60 KR5R600 LVP 100-10 OS350N4.5 WJ100N6
EY20R60 KR60N50 LVP 150-7 OS350P4.5 WJ100P6
EY25N48 KR60P50 LVP 150-7 OS350R4.5 WJ100R6
EY25P48 KR60R50 LVP 20-50 OS400N3.5 WJ125N5
EY25R48 KR6R500 LVP 20-50  OS400P3.5 WJ125P5
EY2R600 KR70N43 LVP 300-3.5 OS400R3.5 WJ125R5
EY30N40 KR70P43 LVP 300-3.5 OS450N3 WJ70N8.6
EY30P40 KR70R43 LVP 33-33 OS450P3 WJ70P8.6
EY30R40 KR80N38 LVP 33-33 OS450R3 WJ70R8.6
EY3R400 KR80P38 LVP 40-25 SH1.5R10.6 WJ80N7.5
EY40N30 KR80R38 LVP 40-25 SH1.5R5.3 WJ80P7.5
EY40P30 KR8N375 LVP 600-1.7 SH100N160 WJ80R7.5
EY40R30 KR8P375 LVP 600-1.7 SH100N80 XM 15-4
EY50N24 KR8R375 LVP 60-18 SH100P160 XM 20-3
EY50P24 KT100N20 LVP 60-18 SH100P80 XM 30-2
EY50R24 KT100P20 LVP 7.5-130 SH100R160 XM 60-1
EY5R240 KT100R20 LVP7.5-130  SH100R80 XM 7-6
EY60N20 KT125N12 MJ10N1500 SH10N1.6 XM120-0.5
EY60P20 KT125P12 MJ10P1500 SH10N800
EY60R20 KT125R12 MJ15N1000 SH10P1.6

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