Below is a list of any Fidus power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


AKM24012 IDR3005 MPT AC PLUG SET SHM5005 TCL6036
AKM24015 IDR3012 MPT AC PLUG UK SHM5007 TCL6036-M
AKM24024 IDR3024 MPT AC PLUG UK SHM5012 TCL6048
AKM24048 IDR5012 MPT AC PLUG US SHM5015 TCL6048-M
D1U86P-W-1600-12-HB3DC IDR5024 MPT AC PLUG US SHM5024 TCL6060-M
D1U86P-W-1600-12-HB4DC IDR5048 MPT1505-EU SHM5048 TCS30
D1U86P-W-2200-12-HB3DC IDR7012 MPT1505-UK SUF120 TCS3012-A
D1U86P-W-2200-12-HB4DC IDR7024 MPT1512-EU SUF12003 TCS3015-A
EDA9012-C14 IDR7048 MPT1512-UK SUF12003B TCS3024-A
EDA9015-C14 IDR48024 MPT1515-EU SUF12005 TLL120
EDA9018-C14 IDR48048 MPT1515-UK SUF12005B TLL12012
EDA9019-C14 ITL30012 MPT1524-EU SUF12007 TLL12015
EDA9024-C14 ITL30018 MPT1524-UK SUF12007B TLL12024
EDA9030-C14 ITL30024 MPT1548-EU SUF12009 TLL12030
EDA9048-C14 ITL30030 MPT1548-UK SUF12009B TLL12036
EDM25012S ITL30036 MPT1554-EU SUF12012 TLL12048
EDM25019S ITL30048 MPT1554-UK SUF12012B TPF150
EDM25024S ITL30054 MPT2505-EU SUF12015 TPF15012
EDM25028S LFMWLP120-1301 MPT2505-UK SUF12015B TPF15012-U
EDM25036S LFMWLP120-1302 MPT2512-EU SUF12024 TPF15015
EDM25048S LFMWLP120-1303 MPT2512-UK SUF12024B TPF15015-U
EDM30012S LFMWLP120-1304 MPT2515-EU SUF12028 TPF15024
EDM30012S-C2 LFMWLP120-1305 MPT2515-UK SUF12028B TPF15024-U
EDM30024S LFMWLP120-1306 MPT2524-EU SUF12036 TPF15028
EDM30024S-C2 LFMWLP225-1301 MPT2524-UK SUF12036B TPF15028-U
EDM30048S LFMWLP225-1303 MPT2548-EU SUF12048 TPF15048
EDM30048S-C2 LFMWLP225-1304 MPT2548-UK SUF12048B TPF15048-U
EDM30054S LFMWLP225-1305 MPT2554-EU SUF120D01B TPL150
EDM30054S-C2 LFMWLP225-1336 MPT2554-UK SUF120D02B TPL15012
EDT4005 LFMWLP350-1001 MULP180-1312 SUF120D04B TPL15012-M
EDT4007 LFMWLP350-1002 MULP180-1315 SUF120D05B TPL15015
EDT4009 LFMWLP350-1003 MULP180-1324 SUF120D07B TPL15015-M
EDT4012 LFMWLP350-1301 MULP180-1330 SUF120T01B TPL15024
EDT4015 LFMWLP350-1302 MULP180-1348 SUF120T02B TPL15024-M
EDT4018 LFMWLP350-1303 MULP275-1312 SUF120T03B TPL15028
EDT4024 LFMWLP75-1001 MULP275-1315 SUF120T04B TPL15028-M
EDT4028 LFMWLP75-1003 MULP275-1324 SUF120T05B TPL15036
EDT4036 LFMWLP75-1004 MULP275-1330 SUF120T06B TPL15036-M
EDT4048 LFMWLP75-1005 MULP275-1348 SUF120T07B TPL15048
EDT6012 LFWLP120-1301 MVPS1000-1012 SUF120T08B TPL15048-M
EDT6015 LFWLP120-1302 MVPS1000-1015 SUF120T09B ULP180-1312
EDT6018 LFWLP120-1303 MVPS1000-1024 SUF120T17B ULP180-1315
EDT6024 LFWLP120-1304 MVPS1000-1030 SUF120T18B ULP180-1324
EDT6028 LFWLP120-1305 MVPS1000-1048 SUF35012 ULP180-1330
EDT6036 LFWLP120-1306 MVPS1000-1058 SUF35015 ULP180-1348
EDT6048 LFWLP225-1301 MVPS600-1012 SUF35019 ULP275-1312
EPT AC PLUG AU LFWLP225-1303 MVPS600-1015 SUF35024 ULP275-1315
EPT AC PLUG AU LFWLP225-1304 MVPS600-1024 SUF35030 ULP275-1324
EPT AC PLUG EU LFWLP225-1305 MVPS600-1030 SUF35036 ULP275-1330
EPT AC PLUG EU LFWLP225-1336 MVPS600-1048 SUF35048 ULP275-1348
EPT AC PLUG SET LFWLP350-1001 MVPS600-1058 TAH450US12-Y VCCM600M
EPT AC PLUG SET LFWLP350-1003 MVPS800-1012 TAH450US15-Y VCCM600S
EPT AC PLUG UK LFWLP350-1004 MVPS800-1015 TAH450US24-Y VKL280
EPT AC PLUG UK LFWLP350-1005 MVPS800-1024 TAH450US28-Y VKL28012T
EPT AC PLUG US MAH450US12-Y MVPS800-1030 TAH450US36-Y VKL28024
EPT AC PLUG US MAH450US12-Y MVPS800-1048 TAH450US48-Y VKL28028
EPT1505-EU MAH450US15-Y MVPS800-1058 TAH450US53-Y VKL28048
EPT1505-UK MAH450US15-Y MWLC550 TCF25012S VKL28054
EPT1507-EU MAH450US24-Y MWLC550-1012 TCF25012S-C VKP42012
EPT1507-UK MAH450US24-Y MWLC550-1015 TCF25012S-F VKP42024
EPT1509-EU MAH450US28-Y MWLC550-1024 TCF25012S-U VKP42060
EPT1509-UK MAH450US28-Y MWLC550-1048 TCF25024S VKR240
EPT1512-EU MAH450US36-Y NEVO+1200M TCF25024S-C VKR24012
EPT1512-UK MAH450US36-Y NEVO+1200S TCF25024S-F VKR24012-M
EPT1515-EU MAH450US48-Y NEVO+600M TCF25024S-U VKR24015
EPT1515-UK MAH450US48-Y PQC250-12 TCF25048S VKR24015-M
EPT1518-EU MAH450US53-Y PQC250-12D TCF25048S-C VKR24024
EPT1518-UK MAH450US53-Y PQC250-24 TCF25048S-F VKR24024-M
EPT1528-EU MDA20012-C8 PQC250-24D TCF25048S-U VKR24028
EPT1528-UK MDA20015-C8 PQC250-36 TCF40 VKR24028-M
EPT1536-EU MDA20018-C8 PQC250-36D TCF4005 VKR24036
EPT1536-UK MDA20019-C8 PQC250-48 TCF4012 VKR24036-M
EPT1548-EU MDA20024-C8 PQC250-48D TCF4015 VKR24048
EPT1548-UK MDA20048-C8 PQC250-54 TCF4018 VKR24048-M
EPT2505-EU MDA3605-C8 PQC250-54D TCF4024 VKR300
EPT2505-UK MDA3607-C8 RHM10012 TCF4036 VKR30012
EPT2507-EU MDA3609-C8 RHM10015 TCF4048 VKR30012-M
EPT2507-UK MDA3612-C8 RHM10024 TCF65 VKR30015
EPT2509-EU MDA3615-C8 RHM10028 TCF6505 VKR30015-M
EPT2509-UK MDA3618-C8 RHM10036 TCF6512 VKR30024
EPT2512-EU MDA3624-C8 RHM10048 TCF6515 VKR30024-M
EPT2512-UK MDA6512-C8 RHM25012-P TCF6524 VKR30028
EPT2515-EU MDA6515-C8 RHM25015-P TCF6528 VKR30028-M
EPT2515-UK MDA6518-C8 RHM25019-P TCF6536 VKR30036
EPT2518-EU MDA6519-C8 RHM25024-P TCF6548 VKR30036-M
EPT2518-UK MDA6524-C8 RHM25030-P TCF6556 VKR30048
EPT2524-EU MDA6548-C8 RHM25036-P TCL100 VKR30048-M
EPT2524-UK MDT30 RHM25048-P TCL10012-A VKR400
EPT2528-EU MDT3005-C2 RHM50012 TCL10015-A VKR40012
EPT2528-UK MDT3012-C2 RHM50015 TCL10024-A VKR40012-C
EPT2536-EU MDT3015-C2 RHM50019 TCL130 VKR40024
EPT2536-UK MDT3024-C2 RHM50024 TCL13012-A VKR40024-C
EPT2548-EU MDT3036-C2 RHM50030 TCL13012-H VPS1000-1012
EPT2548-UK MDT3048-C2 RHM50036 TCL13015-A VPS1000-1015
GDA20012-C14 MDT6012-C2 RHM50048 TCL13015-H VPS1000-1024
GDA20012-C8 MDT6015-C2 RHM60 TCL13024-A VPS1000-1030
GDA20015-C14 MDT6024-C2 RHM6005 TCL13024-H VPS1000-1048
GDA20015-C8 MDT6036-C2 RHM6012 TCL40 VPS1000-1058
GDA20018-C14 MPA1203-UK RHM6015 TCL4012 VPS600-1012
GDA20018-C8 MPA12051-UK RHM6024 TCL4012-M VPS600-1015
GDA20019-C14 MPA1205-UK RHM6028 TCL4015 VPS600-1024
GDA20019-C8 MPA1205U-UK RHM6036 TCL4015-M VPS600-1030
GDA20020-C14 MPA1209-UK RHM6048 TCL4024 VPS600-1048
GDA20020-C8 MPA1212-UK RHM6054 TCL4024-M VPS600-1058
GDA20024-C14 MPA1215-UK RHM75 TCL4028 VPS800-1012
GDA20024-C8 MPA1218-UK RHM7505 TCL4028-M VPS800-1015
GDA20048-C14 MPA1224-UK RHM7512 TCL4036 VPS800-1024
GDA20048-C8 MPA2005-UK RHM7515 TCL4036-M VPS800-1030
GDA20056-C14 MPA2009-UK RHM7524 TCL4048 VPS800-1048
GDA20056-C8 MPA2012-UK RHM7528 TCL4048-M VPS800-1058
IDR1512 MPA2015-UK RHM7536 TCL60 VQF70012
IDR1524 MPA2018-UK RHM7548 TCL6012 VQF70015
IDR12012 MPA2024-UK SHM40 TCL6012-M VQF70024
IDR12024 MPA2048-UK SHM4005 TCL6015 VQF70048
IDR12048 MPT AC PLUG AU SHM4012 TCL6015-M VQF70054
IDR18024 MPT AC PLUG AU SHM4015 TCL6024 WLC550-1012
IDR18048 MPT AC PLUG EU SHM4024 TCL6024-M WLC550-1015
IDR24024 MPT AC PLUG EU SHM4048 TCL6028 WLC550-1024
IDR24048 MPT AC PLUG SET SHM50 TCL6028-M WLC550-1048

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