Ferrus Power






Below is a list of any Ferrus Power power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


211012 F200-V283/CPT FP450-310 FR850-102/C2 FS250-511
220101 F200-V293/C01 FP450-413 FR850-103 FS250-512
220207 F200-X001 FP450-610 FR850-103 FS250-610
226227 F200-X014 FP500-110 FR850-103/NC FS250-610M
227208 F200-X015 FP500-510 FR850-103/NC1 FS300
228032 F205/CPTR FP550 FR850-103/NC1S FS300/129-1
228305 F350/12/C FP550-100 FR850-103S FS300-100
232001 F350/24/CPT FP550-101 FR850-110 FS300-102
232002 F350/48/CPT FP550-102 FR850-111 FS300-103
237001 F350/UL/CPT FP550-102/28 FR850-112 FS300-103D
237118 F350/V134 FP550-103 FR850-113 FS300-111
237120 F350/V134/CPT FP550-150 FS1?? FS300-112
237216 F350/V320/CPT FP550-410 FS100 FS300-114
237232 F350C FP55-110 FS100-100 FS300-118
237244 F350-V275 FP600 FS100-100C FS300-120
238167 F5125 FP60-103 FS100-101 FS300-121
270641 F5146/2 FP650-400 FS100-101/O FS300-125
270642 F5146/3 FP650-410 FS100-101C FS300-126
270643 F5343 FP700-110 FS100-102 FS300-128
270644 F5403 FP750-102 FS100-102C FS300-129
270645 F5485 FP800 FS100-103 FS300-129/1
27500200 F550/24/CPT FP900-110 FS100-103C FS300-129/1
27500300 F5505 FP950-1100 FS100-103DR FS300-129/2
27500500 F550C FP950-1100 FS100-103DR/M2 FS300-131
27510100 F550-V314 FP950-1100/1 FS100-110 FS300-132/BP3
4.01317E+11 F550-V320/CPT FR100 FS100-111 FS300-132/P3/1
4.20117E+11 F550-X029 FR100-111 FS100-111C FS300-133
(ROBERS & SCHULZ) F5561 FR100-210 FS100-112 FS300-133/BP3
110FL250-210 F5905 FR100-211 FS100-112/1 FS300-134
110FP450-103 F5935 FR100-213 FS100-114 FS300-134/BP3
110FP750-48V F5954/2 FR100-214 FS100-115/C FS300-134/L
226341-003 F6020 FR100-300 FS100-116/C FS300-134/P3
226341-024 F6026 FR120-310 FS100-117 FS300-134/P3/1
226341-XXX F6091 FR200-413C FS100-117/L FS300-135/P3
24ER150/X008 F6092 FR200-710 FS100-118 FS300-136
24ER200/48/CPT F6099 FR200-710C FS100-118/L FS300-137
24ER200/CPTDF F6104 FR200-711 FS100-300 FS300-137/P3
24ER200/X021 F6111 FR200-711C FS100-310 FS300-138
24ER200/X021/C FL100-301 FR200-711C FS150-100 FS300-211
24FR100-110 FL150-101/O FR300-102 FS150-101 FS300-314A
24FR100-310 FL150-103 FR300-102C FS150-101C FS300-400
24FR12-101 (NAVSTAR) FL150-110 FR300-110 FS150-102 FS300-411
24FR200-Z038 FL150-110C/3 FR300-116 FS150-102/25 FS350-111
24FR300-510 FL150-111 FR300-116 FS150-102/27/C FS480-210
24FS150-102CT FL150-112 FR300-210 FS150-102C FS50-151
24FS150-116 FL150-117 FR300-312 FS150-102C/280 FU150-125
24FS150-116C FL150-123 FR300-312/1 FS150-102Y2 FW150-100
24FS150-325 FL150-139/BP3 FR300-312/2 FS150-103 FW150-101C
24FS200-200 FL150-139/P3 FR300-313 FS150-103C FW150-102C
24FS250-101 FL150-140/BP3 FR300-414 FS150-110C (FOX) FW150-103
24FS70-110 FL150-141/BP3 FR301-300DA FS150-110C/2 FW150-103C
250FR750-110 FL150-141/P3 FR301-810 FS150-110C/3 FW150-125
36FR60-210 FL150-142/BP3 FR350 FS150-122 FW150-125C
400FS150-136 FL150-142/P3 FR350-162 FS150-123 FW150-126
400FS350-110 FL150-143/P3 FR35-410 FS150-125 FW150-127
420216600003 – 7 FL150-144/P3 FR40-110 FS150-129 FW150-128
48ER200/CPT FL150-319 FR550/X029 FS150-130 FW150-128
48FL250-311 FL150-322 FR550-510 FS150-131 FW150-211
48FR300-310 FL150-323 FR55-110 FS150-138 FW150-211C
48FR400-210 FL150-324 FR55-111 FS150-211 FW150-216
48FR70-210 FL150-326 FR55-112 FS150-211C FW150-300
48FR750-310 FL150-411 FR55-300 FS150-215 FW150-410
48FS150-101 FL150-430 FR55-310 FS150-215C FW150-411
48FS150-128 FL150-431 FR55-400 FS150-300 FW150-432
48FS150-300C FL150-431/1 FR55-413 FS150-300C FX100-12
48FS150-318 FL150-451 FR600-110 FS150-301 FX150-24
48FS150-320 FL150-501 FR60-103 FS150-313 FX200
48FS150-321 FL150-501C FR650/102 FS150-314C FX200-108/P3
48FS150-401 FL150-513 FR650-102 FS150-317 FX200-12/LVD/A
48FS150-401C FL200-313/F2 FR650-910 FS150-326 FX200-14.4
48FS200-102 FL250-100 FR650-910 FS150-400 FX300-24/10
48FS200-121 FL250-102 FR70-211 FS150-400C FX300-96/P3
48FS200-121/C FL250-103 FR70-212 FS150-411 FX300-96/P3S
48FS200-210 FL250-110 FR70-214 FS150-411 FX350
48FS200-210B FL250-111 FR750 FS150-414 FX550-48
48FS200-310 FL250-112 FR750-100 FS150-418 FX600-27.6/AB
48FS200-312 FL250-114 FR750-100/6 FS150-418/1 FX600-28.8/IA
48FS200-401 FL250-115 FR750-101 FS150-419C FX750
48FS300-410 FL250-116 FR750-101/12.5V FS150-427 FX750-108/P3/A
48FS300-410/1 FL250-300 FR750-101CS FS150-427C FX750-110
48FS300-410/1 FL250-300/2A/Y2 FR750-101S FS150-427C FX750-216/P3/A
48R200/Z013/C FL250-300A FR750-102 FS150-428 FX750-24
D169 FL250-310 FR750-102/27.6/P3 FS150-514 FX750-240/BP3
DCFL150 FL250-410 FR750-102/C2 FS150-515 FX750-96/BP3
DCFL250 FL250-412 FR750-102/C2/28 FS150-X011 FX850
DCFR350 FM150-101/C FR750-102/CS FS150-Z037 FX850-24/BP3I2LB
DCFR550 FP100 FR750-102/S FS150-Z037C FX850-50
DCFR750 FP1000 FR750-102SPC FS200 FXP1000-96/P3S
DCFR850 FP1000-240 FR750-102SPC2 FS200/Z010/NC FXP150
DCFS100-110 FP100-210 FR750-103 FS200-101 FXP150-110
DCFS200 FP100-510 FR750-111 FS200-101C FXP150-110/2
DCFS300 FP110-410 FR750-112 FS200-102/28 FXP150-111
E128-210-001 FP110-411 FR750-114 FS200-102/28/C FXP150-112
E128-210-002 FP110-411 FR750-115 FS200-102C FXP250
E128-210-003 FP120 Euro FR750-122 FS200-102D FXP250-48/BD
E128-210-003 FP120-310 FR750-126 FS200-102PC FXP300
E128-210-004 FP150 FR750-128 FS200-111C FXP450
E128-210-005 FP150-110C/4 FR750-130 FS200-112C FXP550
E128-210-006 FP150-111/V FR750-131 FS200-113DF FXP600-14/28
E128-210-007 FP150-310 FR750-137 FS200-123 FXP750-108 R
E128-210-008 FP150-410 FR750-141 FS200-123DF FXP750-108/P3SV
EP3700 FP150-410 FR750-142 FS200-124 FXP750-240/BP3
EP3700 FP150-410 FR750-143 FS200-124DF FXP750-240/BP3/E
EP3720 FP150-510 FR750-145 FS200-125 FXP750-272/P3S
EP3805 FP150-710 FR750-147 FS200-125DF FXP750-96/BP3/E
EP3810 FP150A FR750-149 FS200-126 LPP150-15
EP3811 FP150AM FR750-150 FS200-127 ONG 24/5.12 
ER150-X008 FP190-710 FR750-150/B FS200-128 P1-12BL
ER200 MKII/C FP190-710/2 FR750-153 FS200-129 P1-300
ER200/12/CD FP200 FR750-153/B FS200-129/2 MOD P1-300B
ER200/12/CPT FP200-210 FR750-154 FS200-135 P1-300BL
ER200/12/CPTDF FP200-300 FR750-158 FS200-136 P1-300BL/12
ER200/24/C FP200-311 FR750-159 FS200-140 P1-300BL/PFC
ER200/24/CPT FP200-312 FR750-160 FS200-143 P1-300US1
ER200/48/C FP200-510 FR750-161 FS200-147 P1-500
ER200/48/CPT FP200-910 FR750-162 FS200-148 P700
ER200/5/V273CFD FP200-910 FR750-163 FS200-210 PA-088
ER200/C FP250 FR750-163 FS200-311 PA-088H
ER200/CPT FP250-1010 FR750-164 FS200-312 PA-088I
ER200/CPTD FP250-102A FR750-165 FS200-313/F2 PFC1000
ER200/MKII/CPTD FP250-112 FR750-166 FS200-400 PFC175
ER200/V012/CF FP250-120 FR750-167 FS200-401 PFC300
ER200/V042/PD FP250-128A FR750-168 FS200-401C PL150S102C
ER200/V054 FP250-210 FR750-169 FS200-401PIDF2 PL200S103C
ER200/V054 FP250-311 FR750-170 FS200-401PIF2 PL250-101
ER200/V137 FP250-510 FR750-170/BP3 FS200-401Y PL750/M151
ER200/V137/CPTF FP250-510/1 FR750-170/BP3S FS200-401YCA PL750R102SPC
ER200/V211/CT FP250-710 FR750-170/P3S FS200-402 PS175-11
ER200/V226/CFP FP250-710V2 FR750-170/P3S/202 FS200-402A PS175-12
ER200/V226/CPTD FP300 FR750-171 FS200-402AC PS200-100
ER200/V273 FP300-101/10/M FR750-172/P3 FS200-404 PS300-11
ER200-12/FD FP300-102 FR750-173 FS200-411 PS300-11A210VA
ER200-V042/CPTD FP300-111 FR750-173/P3 FS200-416 PS300-11B120VA
ER200-V054 FP300-117 FR750-173/P3S FS200-417 PS300-11D225VA
ER200-V137/CPTF FP300-117 FR750-173/P3S1 FS200-421 PS300-11E140VA
ER200-V226 FP300-117/1 FR750-174 FS200-421 PS300-11-LS
ER200-V226/CPD FP300-117/2 FR750-175 FS200-422 PS300-12
ER200-V252/D/C FP300-410 FR750-176 FS200-425 PS300-12
ER200-V268 FP300-412 FR750-177 FS200-510 PS300-12-2C
ER200-V299 FP300-413 FR750-180 FS200-512 PS300-13
ER200-V319 FP300-510 FR750-310 FS200-513 PS300-13/MKII
ER200-V319/CPTDF FP300-510 FR750-313 FS200-514 PS300-13/X1
ER212/CPTD FP300-610 FR750-314 FS200-Z003 PS700-11
F150/XO11 FP300-610 FR750-315 FS200-Z010 PSL500
F150-X011 FP400-310 FR750-402 FS200-Z010/2 RAD70/55
F200/24/CPT FP400-310/1 FR750-411 FS200-Z010/2/NC S200/Z003
F200/48/CPT FP400-414 FR750-510 FS200-Z026 S200/Z010/2
F200/5/CPT FP400-600 FR750-610 FS200-Z036 S200-Z010/2
F200/CPT FP450 FR750-610 FS250-100C SP002
F200/UL/CP FP450-100 FR750-610/3 FS250-100FD Y1709 
F200/UL/CPT FP450-101 FR750-612 FS250-101 Y1740
F200/V038 FP450-102 FR750-613 FS250-102 Y1745
F200/V043/CPT FP450-102/27 FR750-620 FS250-103 Y1771
F200/V089/CPT FP450-103 FR750-620 FS250-111 Y1772
F200/X001 FP450-110 PLATE FR750-712 FS250-115 Y1773
F200/X014 FP450-112 FR750-712/1 FS250-116 Y1782
F200-V043/C FP450-112/1 FR750-712/2 FS250-214 Y1810
F200-V043/CP FP450-116 FR750-713 FS250-300 Y1813
F200-V089 FP450-117 FR800-110 FS250-300C Y1822
F200-V152/C FP450-118 FR850 FS250-510 Y2FS150-102C

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