Below is a list of any Fabrimex power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


101 EXT090/15 MG24-12 NA200P510 P350/748
13N050R201 EXT60/12 MG24-12A NA300R500 P350 Series
1.412E+12 EXT60/15 MG24-15 ND300R505 P351/0170-1
14D0035 EXT9012 MG24-15C NF350R500 P500
14D20035 EXT90/15 MG24-15-C NF350R500/VM P500/015
14F20006032L1 F20006 MG24-15C-476 NS055024 P500/018
15/35 F20006032L1 MG24-15/CN NS075005 P500/025
16RB12034/V F2006 MG24-15N NS075015/OM P500/026
16RB12034-V F20126027 MG24-21 NS110024 P500/029
1MRF28H54BV F2905SXA MG24-4 NS240024 P500/081
1TWF0500H5401 F3 MG24-5C NS240024/OM P500/165
2000133-001 F3-119104-013 MG24-8 NS300R135U P500/610
30/35 F3-119104-021 MG48-5C NS3600056 P500/725
32.1503.812-01C F3-119104-022 MG5-10 NS3600122 P500 Series
32.1503.812-01R F3-119194-02  MG5-100 NS360012/2M PA200S
32.1503.812-25 F3 Series MG5-20 NS3600122MK2 PD500/575
5014841-010 G15-24A MG5-20C NS3600122MKD PMGD15-1.2
5023020 G15/2M MG5-40 NS700028/OW PS500/165
7344-D G48-7.5A MG5-40C P1000 R160
736-0301-000 G48 7.5AMP MG5-60 P1000/1 TPRI-10-G
74D050000-1027 GCS400L MG5-60C P1000/13 TRF0600H5401
75210073D GS600-024 MG Series P1000 Series  TRPI-10-G
75210308D-R GS600-048 MGT-400 P350 TWF0400H54
800-0256-02 GS60012 MGT5-20C P-350 TWF0400H5404
A1000/05 HI1000 MGT5-20CV 034/2 P350/017 TWF0500H5401
A1000/5 HI-1000 MGT Series P350/019 TWF1000R54
A1000/5V HI750 MM65-5/N P350/026 VDF350
A1500 HI Series MMG12-2.5 P-350-026 VDF350GJJG
A1500/05 HL750 MMG15-4 P350/027 VDF350GJJG/7J
A1500/24 MG12-10C MMG15-4/N P350/028C VDF350GJJG/K
A1500/28 MG12-43 MMG-2410 P350/030 VWF350
A1500-28-5 MG12-8 MMG24-10 P350/070 VWF-350
AAR-0013 MG15-14 MMG24-1.4/N P350/070/F6 VWF350FJJGJH
AED101 MG15-16C MMG5-10-R1 P350/079 VWF350GJJF/J
AP8151-01 MG15-24C MMG5-5/N P350/108 VWF350GJJF/K
ASW1000N MG15-34 N180F418 P350/147 VWF350GJJF/L
AV1000/5V MG15-4 NA055P300 P350/247 VWF350GJJL/H
AWS1000L MG15-7 NA055P300/S P350/27SC VWF350GJJL/J
AWS1000N MG15-8A NA110P300 P350/386 VWF350GJJL/T
D20035 MG15-8C NA110P400 P350/607 VWS350GJJL/J
DC535 MG24-10 NA110P403/OM P350/690 VWS400/4J
EX24-5 MG24-10A NA140P503/B P350/702 VWS400N51
EXT/060 MG24-10B NA200P300 P350/703 VWS400N/J
EXT060/12 MG24-10C NA200P300/B    

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