Below is a list of any Etasis power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


EDR-2302H EFR-3300 EFRP-303L EPA-300 EPR-2403H
EFA-250 EFRP-1302 EFRP-3250 EPA-330 EPR-2405
EFA-251 EFRP-2250 EFRP-3250S EPA-400 EPR-2405H
EFA-300 EFRP-2300 EFRP-3300 EPAP-420 EPR-2407
EFA-330 EFRP-2302A EFRP-3300S EPAP-480 EPR-2407H
EFAP-2303 EFRP-2303 EFRP-3303 EPAP-550 EPR-251
EFAP-300 EFRP-2356 EFRP-3303S EPAP-560 EPR-2600
EFAP-351 EFRP-2402 EFRP-3400 EPAP-650 EPR-301
EFAP-352 EFRP-2462 EFRP-3463 EPAP-750 EPR-302
EFAP-401 EFRP-2463 EFRP-356 EPAP-850 EPR-305
EFAP-402 EFRP-2465 EFRP-362 EPR-2301 EPRP-3407
EFAP-461 EFRP-250 EFRP-403 EPR-2301-ENC EPRP-2405
EFAP-462 EFRP-250A EFRP-4302 EPR-2302H EPRP-2405H
EFAP-481 EFRP-2603 EFRP-4302H EPR-2302H EPRP-2465
EFAP-481G EFRP-300 EFRP-462 EPR-2305 EPRP-2465H
EFAP-482 EFRP-302 EFRP-463 EPR-2305H EPRP-3407
EFAP-601 EFRP-3023A EFRP-465 EPR-2306 EPRP-405
EFN-300 EFRP-302A EFRP-485 EPR-2307 ERP-465
EFR-1302 EFRP-303 EPA-250 EPR-2403H  ERP-2301

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