Below is a list of any Electronic Measurement power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

electronic measurement


EMHP10-1000 EMS10-250 EMS7.5-300 TCR10T750 TCR40S25
EMHP10-1500 EMS10-500 EMS7.5-600 TCR120T20 TCR40S45
EMHP10-3000 EMS10-60 EMS7.5-75 TCR120T40 TCR40S70
EMHP130-350 EMS150-17 EMS80-13 TCR150S12 TCR40T125
EMHP150-130 EMS150-33 EMS80-30 TCR150S18 TCR40T250
EMHP150-200 EMS150–7 EMS80-60 TCR150S4 TCR40T60
EMHP20-1000 EMS20-125 EMS80-7.5 TCR150S7 TCR500T10
EMHP20-1500 EMS20-250 ESS330-45 TCR160T15 TCR500T20
EMHP20-750 EMS20-30 ESS400-25 TCR160T30 TCR500T5
EMHP300-100 EMS20-50 ESS400-37 TCR160T60 TCR50T200
EMHP300-200 EMS300-16 ESS500-20 TCR20S135 TCR600S1
EMHP300-60 EMS300-3.5 ESS500-30 TCR20S30 TCR600S1.6
EMHP30-1250 EMS300-6 ESS600-16 TCR20S50 TCR600S3
EMHP30-600 EMS300-8 HCR 300-0.9 TCR20SS90 TCR600S4.5
EMHP30-800 EMS30-165 SCR300-S9 TCR20T125 TCR60S10
EMHP40-1000 EMS30-20 TCR 10-25 TCR20T250 TCR60S18
EMHP40-450 EMS30-30 TCR 150-2 TCR20T250-1-OV TCR60S30
EMHP40-600 EMS30-80 TCR 20-13 TCR20T500 TCR60S45
EMHP600-100 EMS40-125 TCR 30-8 TCR250T10 TCR6T600
EMHP600-30 EMS40-15 TCR 40-6 TCR250T10 TCR6T900
EMHP600-50 EMS40-25 TCR 60-4 TCR250T20 TCR7.5S115
EMHP60-300 EMS40-60 TCR 7.5-30 TCR250T20 TCR7.5S200
EMHP60-500 EMS40-60 TCR 7.5S70 TCR250T40 TCR7.5S300
EMHP60-750 EMS600-1.6 TCR 80-3 TCR250T40 TCR7.5T300
EMHP80-250 EMS600-3.3 TCR100T100 TCR300S2 TCR80S13
EMHP80-375 EMS600-4 TCR10S165 TCR300S3 TCR80S23
EMHP80-600 EMS60-10 TCR10S240 TCR300S6 TCR80S34
EMS100-10 EMS60-18 TCR10S50 TCR300S9 TCR80S8
EMS100-25 EMS60-40 TCR10S90 TCR30T100 TCR80T30
EMS100-50 EMS60-80 TCR10T250 TCR30T200 TCR80T60
EMS10-100 EMS7.5-130 TCR10T500 TCR40S15


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