Below is a list of any Condor power supplies we can repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


CP131-A GPx40D HN28-3-A MTX-253-0512 SDM110B
CP206-A GPx40-3.3 HD28-4-A MTX-254-1205 SDM110C
CP323-A GPx40-5 HE28-6-A MTX-254-1212 SDM110D
CP379-A GPx40-9 F24-12-A NMX-502-0512 SMD110E
CP498-A GPx40-12 HB48-0.5-A NMX-503-0512 SMD110F
CPCI-154-1203 GPx40-15 HC48-1-A NMX-504-1205 SMD110G
CPCI-204-1203 GPx40-24 HD48-3-A NMX-504-1212 SDM140A
CPCI-354-1203 GPx40-28 HE48-4-A ML15-0.4-A SDM140B
CPCI-354T-1203 GPx41-5 HE5-18-OV-A MB15-1.5-A SDM140C
DMX-503-0512 GPx41-12 F5-25-OV-A MC15-3-A SDM140D
DMX-504-1205 GPx41-15 G5-35-OV-A MD15-6-A SDM140E
DMX-504-1212 GPx41-24 CP197-A ML24-0.28-A SDM140F
DMX-504-1224 GPx41-28 HA15-0.9-A MB24-1.2-A SDM140G
DMX-504-1512 GPx55A HB12-1.7-A MC24-2.4-A SDM200A
DMX-504-1524 GPx55B HC12-3.4-A MD24-4.8-A SDM200B
DPCI-154-1203 GPx55C HN12-5.1-A MD28-1-A SDM200C
DPCI-204-1203 GPx55D HD12-6.8-A MC28-2-A SDM200D
DPCI-354-1203 GPx41-24 HE12-10-2-A MD28-4-A SDM200E
DPCI-354T-1203 GPx41-28 F15-15-A MS30 SDM200F
GECA40B GPx40A HA15-0.9-A MS45 SDM200G
GLC40A GPx40B HB15-1.5-A MS65 SDS45-5
GLC40B GPx55E HC15-3-A MS80 SDS45-12
GLC40D GPx55F HD15-4.5-A MS110 SDS45-15
GLC40-5 GPx55-5 HD15-6-A MLL120-0.25-A SDS45-24
GLC40-12 GPx55-12 HE15-9-A MLL15-0.2-A SDS80-5
GLC40-15 GPx55-15 F15-15-A NMX-504-1224 SDS80-12
GLC40-24 GPx55-24 F48-6-A NMX-504-1512 SDS80-15
GLC40-28 GPx55-28 HAA5-1.5/OV-A NMX-504-1524 SDS80-24
GLC65-15 GPx55-48 HBB5-3/OV-A NMX-753-0512 SDS110-5
GLC75A GPx80A HCC5-6/OV-A NMX-754-1205 SDS110-12
GLC75C GPx80B HAA512-A NMX-754-1212 SDS110-15
GLC75D GPx80C HBB512-A NMX-754-1224 SDS110-24
GLC75E GPx80D HCC512-A NMX-754-1512 SDS140-5
GLC75-5 GPx80E HAA524-A NMX-754-1524 SDS140-12
GLC75-12 GPx80P HBB524-A NMX-1003-0512 SDS140-15
GLC75-15 GPx80-5 HCC524-A NMX-1004-1203 SDS140-24
GLC75-24 GPx80-12 HAD12-0.4-A NMX-1004-1205 SDS200-5
GLC75-28 GPx80-15 HAD15-0.4-A NMX-1004-1212 SDS200-12
GLD150-12 GPx80-24 HAA15-0.8-A NMX-1004-1224 SDS200-15
GLD150-15 GPx80-28 HBB15-1.5-A NMX-1004-1515 SDS200-24
GLD150-24 GPC80-48 HCC15-3-A NMX-1004-1524 SP1394
GLx50A GPx130A HDD15-5-A PAC85-01 SPF-500-12
GLx50B GPx130B HAA24-0.6-A PAC85-03 SPF-500-15
GLx50D GPx130C HTAA-16W-A PAC85-05 SPF-500-24
GLx50G GPx130D HBAA40W-A PAC105-01 SPF-500-28
GLx50-5 GPx130E HCBB105W-A PAC105-03 SPF-500-48
GLx50-12 GPx140-5 HCAA60W-A PAC-105-05 SPF-750-12
GLx50-15 GPx140-12 HDBB105W-A PBO-200 SPF-750-15
GLx50-24 GPx140-15 HDCC150W-A PCI 204-1203 SPF-750-24
GLx50-28 GPx140-24 MAX-254-1205 PCI 304-1203 SPF-750-28
GLx50-28 GPx140-28 MAX-353-0512 RMX-354-0512 SPF-750-48
GLx50-48 GPx200A MAX-354-1205 RMX-354-1205 SPF-1000-24
GLx65-5 GPx200B MAX-354-1212 RMX-354-1212 SPF-1000-28
GLx65-12 GPx200D MAX-403-0512 RMX-354-1224 SPF-1000-48
GLx65-15 GPx200E MAX-503-0512 RMX-354-1512 SPH-1200-24
GLx65-24 GPx200F MAX-504-1205 RMX-354-1524 SPH-1200-28
GLx-65-28 GPx225-5 MAX-504-1212 RSx350BBB SPH-1200-48
GLx65-48 GPx225-12 MAX-504-1224 RSx350DBB TCM-1000-28
GLx75A GPx225-15 MAX-504-1252 RSx350DAC TCM-1000-48
GLx75C GPx225-24 MAX-703-0512 RSx350BAD TMX-353-0512
GLx75D GPx225-28 MAX-704-1205 RSx350BAB TMX-354-1205
GLx75E GSC20 MAX-753-0512 RSx352BAB TMX-354-1212
GLx75P GSC20-5 MAX-754-1205 RSx352BAD TMX-354-1512
GLx75-5 GSC20-12 MAX-754-1212 RSx352BBB TMX-354-1524
GLx75-12 GSC20-15 MAX-754-1224 RSx352DAC VCA326
GLx75-15 GSC20-24 MAX-754-1252 RSx352DBB VCA426
GLx75-24 GSC20-28 MDT-163-0512R SC-3.3-30 VCA423
GLx75-28 GSM7-5 MDT-164-1212R SC-5-30 VCA420
GLx110-12 GSM7-12 MDT-164-2412R SC-12-15 VFA420
GLx110-15 GSM7-75 MDT-223-0512R SC-15-12 VFA421
GLx110-24 GSM7-24 MDT-223-1212R SC-24-7.5 VFA423
GLx110-212 GSM7-28 MDT-224-1212R SC-28-6.5 VFA430
GLx110-215 GSx25A MDT-224-2412R SC-48-3.7 VHA420
GLx110-524 GSx25B ML-5-OV-A SC-3.3-50 VHA425
GPC50A GSx25D MB5-5OV-A SC-5-50 VHA427
GPC50F GSx28-5 MC-5-6-OV-A SC-12-21 VHA423
GPC55-48 GSx28-12 MD5-12/OV-A SC-15-17 VHA428
GPFC110-5 GSx25-15 ML12-0.5-A SC-24-11 VHA430
GPFC110-12 GSx25-24 MB12-1.7-A SC-28-9 VKA420
GPFC110-15 GSx28-28 MC12-3.4-A SC-48-5.5 VKA426
GPFC110-15 HA2-1.5-A MC12-6.8-A SC-5-70 VKA427
GPFC110-24 HB2-3-A MAA-15-0.8-A SC-12-30 VKA423
GPFC110-28 HC2-6-A MBB15-1.5-A SC-15-24 VKA430
GPFC110-48 HN2-9-A MCC15-3-A SC-24-15 VBA326
GPFC160-5 HD2-12-A MAA512-A SC-28-13 VBA323
GPFC160-12 HE2-18-A MBB512-A SC-48-8 XMAT200
GPFC160-15 HA5-1.5-OV-A MCC-512-A SC-5-100 XPFM200A/B
GPFC160-24 HB5-3-OV-A MAA524-A SC-12-42 XPFM201A/B
GPFC160-28 HC5-6-OV-A MBB524-A SC-15-34 ZPS-150A
GPFC160-48 HN5-9-OV-A MCC524-A SC-24-21 ZPS-200A
GPFx250-5 HD5-12-OV-A MPS-353-0512 SC-28-18 ZPS-300A
GPFx250-12 HA24-0.5-A MPS-354-1205 SC-48-11 ZPS-300AP
GPFx250-15 HB24-1.2-A MPS-354-1224 SDM45A ZPS-400A
GPFx250-24 HC24-2.4-A MSC-353-0512 SDM45B ZPS-400AP
GPFx250-28 HN24-3.6-A MSC-753-0512 SDM45F  


GPFx250-48 HD24-4.8-A MTC-163-0515 SDM80A  
GPM40-24 HE24-7.2-A MTC-253-0515 SDM80B  
GPM55A F24-12-A MTC-353-0512 SDM80C  
GPx41-5 HA24-0.5-A MTC-353-0515 SDM80E  
GPx41-12 HB28-1-A MTC-503-0512 SDM80F  
GPx41-15 HC28-2.0-A MTC-503-0515 SDM110A  

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