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Below is a list of any Computer Products power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


22948300 NFN 80-7630 NFS150-7631 NFS40-7924K  SL220-4624
70000224 NFN 90-7630 NFS177-7630 NFS40-7928  SMP LT350 M1 9111
7000056-0000 NFN40-3222 NFS200-7601 NFS500-9630-E  XL130-3630E
CAD600A NFN40-7608 NFS200-7643 NFS50-7610 XL200-3601
EP071286-G NFN40-7610 NFS200-9428 NFS50-7930D XL200-4601
EP071294-F NFN40-7630F NFS350-7625 NFS550-9630E XL201-4602
EP071316-F NFN40-7632E NFS350-7625P NFS650-9630PE XL250-3630
EP071345-6 NFN40-7643E NFS350-9424 NFS90-7630L XL450-3406
EP071385-D NFS 130-7625 NFS350-9504 NFS930-9540EF XL450-4406
LX550-4660 NFS 250-7631E NFS40-7605 NFS96-7630 XL450-3407
NAL40-3215 NFS110-7602 NFS40-7608 NLP177-9630E XL450-4407
NAN25-7605 NFS110-7602P NFS40-7610 NLP65-3306 XL50-3602
NAN40-7360E NFS110-7604 NFS40-7610 NLP-7608 XL750-3608
NAN55-7662 NFS110-7624  NFS40-7612 PHB731 XL750-4508
NF550-9423 NFS110-7632 NFS40-7624 PS3372 XL81-7631
NFC150-6631 NFS110-7904P NFS40-7632 PS-4691B  
NFF150-7630 NFS110-7915 NFS40-7908 SL81-7631  
NFN 130-7630 NFS150-7630 NFS40-7912  SL220-3624  

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