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Below is a list of any Cincon power supplies we are able to repair here  at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


CBM100S CFM100S240 CFM200Q-111 CFM300S-120 CFM40T-04
CBM100S120 CFM100S480 CFM200Q-112 CFM300S-150 CFM40T-05
CBM100S240 CFM101S CFM200Q-121 CFM300S-180 CFM40T-06
CBM100S280 CFM15 CFM200Q-123 CFM300S-240 CFM40T-07
CBM100S360 CFM1501S CFM200Q-221 CFM300S-280 CFM60M
CBM100S480 CFM1502S CFM200Q-222 CFM300S-300 CFM60M
CFM05 CFM1503S CFM200Q-223 CFM300S-360 CFM60S
CFM05S033 CFM1505S CFM200Q-231 CFM300S-480 CFM60S033
CFM05S050 CFM1507S CFM200Q-232 CFM351M CFM60S050
CFM05S090 CFM1509S CFM200S-033 CFM361S CFM60S090
CFM05S120 CFM150M CFM200S-050 CFM40D/T CFM60S120
CFM05S150 CFM1600H CFM200S-120 CFM40D-01 CFM60S150
CFM05S180 CFM1600H-240-24P CFM200S-150 CFM40D-02 CFM60S240
CFM05S240 CFM1600H-480 CFM200S-180 CFM40M CFM60S300
CFM10 CFM1600H-480-24P CFM200S-240 CFM40M CFM60S360
CFM1001S CFM1600S-120 CFM200S-280 CFM40S CFM60S480
CFM1002S CFM1600S-240 CFM200S-300 CFM40S033 CFM60T
CFM1003S CFM1600S-360 CFM200S-360 CFM40S050 CFM60T-01
CFM1005S CFM1600S-480 CFM200S-480 CFM40S120 CFM60T-02
CFM1007S CFM20 CFM201S CFM40S150 CFM60T-03
CFM1009S CFM2001S CFM21 CFM40S240 CFM60T-04
CFM100M CFM2002S CFM21M CFM40S300 CFM750E
CFM100S050 CFM2003S CFM25S CFM40S360 CFM750E-240
CFM100S090 CFM2005S CFM300M CFM40S480 CFM750E-360
CFM100S120 CFM2007S CFM300S CFM40T-01 CFM750E-480
CFM100S150 CFM2009S CFM300S-033 CFM40T-02 CFM80S
CFM100S180 CFM200M CFM300S-050 CFM40T-03  



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