Below is a list of any Bel Power, power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ABC40-1048G ABC350-1015L MBC40-3001G MBS400-1012
ABC40-3000G ABC400-1048G MBC40-3000G MBS400-1024
ABC40-1012G ABC400-1024CG MBC40-3002G MBS400-1036
ABC41-1T48L ABC400-1012G MBC41-1012L MBS400-1048
ABC41-1T24L ABS400-1024 MBC41-1T05L PFE600-12-054xA
ABC41-1030L ABS400-1036 MBC41-1058L PET750-12-050xA
ABC60-1005G ABS400-1012 MBC60-3001G PET800-12-074xA
ABC60-3002G ABC401-1048-PC MBC60-1048G PFE850-12-054xA
ABC60-3001G ABC401-1012 MBC60-1005G PFE1100-12-054xA
ABC75-1T24L ABC401-1012-S MBC75-1T58L PET1300-12-054xA
ABC75-1T15L ABC450-1T24G-T MBC75-1030L PFE1300-48-054NA
ABC75-1T58L ABC450-1T48G MBC75-1058L PFE1500-12-054xA
ABC120-1T58L ABC450-1T12G-S MBC120-1T30L PET1600-12-074NA
ABC120-1T24L ABC550-1T48 MBC120-1T12L PET2000-12-074NA
ABC120-1T30L ABC550-1T58 MBC150-1T15G PFE3000-12-069RA
ABC150-1015G ABC550-1T15 MBC150-1024G PFE1100-12-054xD
ABC150-1T48G ABC600-1048G MBC150-1T24G PET2000-12-074ND
ABC150-1T15G ABC600-1012G MBC180-1024L PFE3000-12-079RD
ABC180-1024L ABC600-1028G MBC180-1048L TET2000-12-086NA
ABC180-1048L ACC600-1T58 MBC180-1T15L TET3000-12-069RA
ABC180-1012L ACC600-1T24 MBC201-1T48G TET4000-48-069RA
ABC200-1024G ACC600-1T12 MBC201-1005G PES2200-12-080xA
ABC200-1048G ABS601-1T48-SL MBC201-1015G MCC600-1T12 12
ABC200-1012G ABS601-1T48 MBC225-1030L MCC600-1T15 15
ABC201-1T15G ABS601-1T24-SL MBC225-1012L MCC600-1T24 24
ABC201-1012G ACC750-1T24-PC MBC225-1048L MCC600-1T30 30
ABC201-1T48G ACC750-1T48-PC MBC250-1048G MCC600-1T48 48
ABC225-1048L ACC750-1T24 MBC250-1012G MCC600-1T58 58
ABC225-1T15L ABC800-1T30 MBC250-1024G MBE1000-1T12 12
ABC225-1T12L ABC800-1T24 MBC275-1012L MBE1000-1T15 15
ABC275-1030L ABC800-1T12 MBC275-1T48L MBE1000-1T24 24
ABC275-1T12L ABE1000-1T48 MBC275-1T15L MBE1000-1T30 30
ABC275-1058L ABE1000-1T58 MBC300-1T24G-2 MBE1000-1T48 48
ABC300-1T05G ABE1000-1T30 MBC300-1T24G MBE1000-1T58 58
ABC300-1T24G ABE1200-1T24 MBC300-1T12G-2
ABC300-1T48G ABE1200-1T48 MBC350-1058L
ABC350-1T58L ABC1200-1T24-PCF MBC350-1048L
ABC350-1T15L ABH50-1012 MBC350-1T24L


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