Below is a list of any Autec power supplies we are able repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.



2260/2261 HCP-750 PLATINUM SPJM110 SPJM75-240-XY TP-550C
552-3501 HCP-850 PLATINUM SPJM120 SPJM75-300-XY TP-550G
BP350 MP-1000-1121 AUT1 SPJM120-120-2S SPJM75-480-2S TP-650C
BP430 MP1000-1241 AUT1 SPJM120-120-XY SPJM75-480-XY TP-650G
BP500U NEO ECO 520C SPJM120-150-XY SPJM75-580-XY TP-760C
BP550 PLUS NEO ECO 550M SPJM120-240-2S SPJM80 UPS110-1021
BPA-R3200-2000 NEO ECO 620C SPJM120-240-XY SPL-100-1051 UPS110-102M
BPA-R850-3840-CR NEO ECO 650M SPJM120-300-XY SPL-100-1121 UPS110-1041
BPA-RS1100-120 PCB-5300-4143 SPJM120-480-2S SPL-100-1241 UPS110-1042
BPA-RS1100-240 SP100-1121 SPJM120-480-XY SPL-100-1481 UPS110-1051
BPA-RS1100-480 SP100-1241 SPJM150 SPL-150-1121 UPS110-11043
BPA-RS1100-560 SP100-1481 SPJM180-120-2S SPL-150-1151 UPS110-1121
BPC1500-120-1 SP120-1121 SPJM180-240-2S SPL-150-1241 UPS110-1151
BPC1500-120-2 SP120-1241 SPJM180-480-2S SPL-150-1481 UPS110-1241
BPC1500-280-1 SP120-1361 SPJM200 SPL-200-1051 UPS12-1002
BPC1500-280-2 SP150-1241 SPJM20-580-XY SPL-200-1121 UPS12-1241
BPC1500-480-1 SP150-1481 SPJM220-120-XY SPL-200-1241 UPS20-5002
BPC1500-480-2 SP200-1121 SPJM220-150-XY SPL-200-1361 UPS25-2002
BPC1500-580-1 SP200-1241 SPJM220-240-XY SPL-200-1481 UPS30-4003
BPC1500-580-2 SP200-1481 SPJM220-300-XY SPL-240-1051 UPS30-5002
BPC2250-120-2 SP250-480 SPJM220-480-X SPL-240-1121 UPS40-1002
BPC2250-120-3 SP45-1121 SPJM220-580-XY SPL-240-1241 UPS40-2002
BPC2250-280-2 SP45-1241 SPJM300 SPL-240-1481 UPS40-2003-1
BPC2250-280-3 SP45-1481 SPJM350-120-2S SPL-320-1051 UPS40-2003-2
BPC2250-480-2 SP60-1051 SPJM350-120-XY SPL-320-1211 UPS40-2003-4
BPC2250-480-3 SP60-1121 SPJM350-240-2S SPL-320-1241 UPS40-2051
BPC2250-580-2 SP60-1241 SPJM350-480-2S SPL-320-1361 UPS40-2091
BPC2250-580-3 SP60-1481 SPJM40-051-XY SPL-320-1481 UPS40-2121
BPC4500 SP75-11400 SPJM40-120-XY SPL-480-1121 UPS40-2151
EA-350 GREEN SPJ120-120-2M SPJM40-150-XY SPL-480-1241 UPS40-2241
EA-380D GREEN SPJ120-120-2S SPJM40-240-XY SPL-480-1271 UPS40-3002
EA-450 GREEN SPJ120-240-2S SPJM40-3000 SPL-480-1361 UPS40-3003
EA-550 GREEN SPJ120-480-2S SPJM40-3001 SPL-480-1481 UPS50-1002
EA-550 PLATINUM SPJ180-120-2S SPJM40-3002 SPL-600-1121 UPS50-2002
EA-650 GREEN SPJ180-240-2S SPJM40-3003 SPL-600-1241 UPS65-1002
EA-650 PLATINUM SPJ180-480-2S SPJM40-480-XY SPL-600-1271 UPS65-1002-A
EA-750 PLATINUM SPJ350-120-2S SPJM450 SPL-600-1361 UPS65-1002-M
EARTHWATTS GOLD PRO 550W SPJ350-240-2S SPJM550-120-2S SPL-600-1481 UPS65-1002-S
EARTHWATTS GOLD PRO 650W SPJ350-480-2S SPJM550-240-2S SPL-800-1241 UPS65-1004
EARTHWATTS GOLD PRO 750W SPJ450-050-XY SPJM60-051-XY SPL-800-1271 UPS65-1004-2
EDGE 550 SPJ450-120-XY SPJM60-120-XY SPL-800-1481 UPS65-1051
EDGE 650 SPJ450-150-XY SPJM60-150-XY SPL-800-1521 UPS65-1121
EDGE 750 SPJ450-240-XY SPJM60-240-XY SP-M012A-1051 UPS65-1151
FS50-JLS SPJ450-300-XY SPJM60-3000 SP-M012A-1121 UPS65-1241
HCG-520M SPJ450-480-XY SPJM60-3001 SP-M012A-1241 UPS65-2002
HCG-620M SPJ550-120-2S SPJM60-3002 SP-M024A-1051 UPS70-3002
HCG-750M SPJ550-240-2S SPJM60-3003 SP-M024A-1121 UPS85-1002
HCG-850M SPJ550-480-2S SPJM60-480-XY SP-M065-1121 VP450F
HCG-900 SPJ75-120-2S SPJM75-120-2S SP-M065-1481 VP550F
HCP-1000 PLATINUM SPJ75-240-2S SPJM75-120-XY SP-M10-12 VP630F
HCP-1300 PLATINUM SPJ75-480-2S SPJM75-150-XY SP-M305A-1241

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