Below is a list of any Artesyn power supplies we can repair these here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.




030716-0001 IVS3 LPS355-C NFS110-7602 NLP40-7612J
22943800 IVS6 LPS41 NFS350-7626 NLP40-7615J
300-1359 IVS8 LPS42 NFS350-7626P NLP40-7617J
34-0773-03 LCT43-E LPS42-M NFS40 NLP40-7624J
7000817-Y000 LP20 LPS43 NFS40-7605J NLP40-7627J
7000817-Y000 REV K LP40 LPS43-M NFS40-7607J NLP40-7629J
7001073-y000 (39J5071) LP50 LPS44  NFS40-7608 NLP40-76S3J
7001395-Y000 LPQ152 LPS44-M NFS40-7608J NLP40-76T366J
A61-001 LPQ153 LPS45 NFS40-7610J NLP65
ADN10-24-1PM LPQ154LPT22 LPS45-M NFS40-7612J NLP65-3300
ADN10-24-3PM LPQ172 LPS48  NFS40-7615J NLP65-3322
ADN20-24-1PM LPQ173 LPS53 NFS40-7624J NLP65-3334
ADN20-24-3PM LPQ252-C LPS54 NFS40-7628J NLP65-9612G
ADN30-24-3PM LPQ253-C LPS55 NFS40-76S3J NLP70
ADN40-24-3PM LPQ352-C LPS58 NFS40-7908J NLS110
DS1300 LPQ353-C LPT23 NFS40-7910J NS96-7630
DS1300-3 LPS152 LPT24 NFS40-7912J NTQ162
DS1500 LPS153 LPT25 NFS40-7915J NTQ163
DS1500-3 LPS155 LPT41 NFS40-7924J NTQ165
DS450 LPS172 LPT42 NFS40-7928J NTS353
DS450-3 LPS172-M LPT42-M NFS80 NTS355
DS550 LPS173 LPT43 NLP110 NTS358
DS550-3 LPS173-M LPT44 NLP150L NTS359
DS650 LPS174  LPT45 NLP200-96S12N01J P600-96-4
DS650-3 LPS174-M LPT45-M NLP25 S-48SI
DS650-9 LPS175 LPT46 NLP250 ZMP/LC150/5/AS
DS657-9-3 LPS175-M  LPT51 NLP250N SMP/LC250/M3/X
DS850 LPS22 LPT52 NLP250R TLP150
DS850-3 LPS23 LPT53 NLP25-7605J VS1
DS850-9 LPS24 LPT54 NLP25-7607J VS3
ESPM/LC150 LPS25 LX350-7624-C NLP25-7608J VS4
ESPM/LT350  LPS252-C M3001-7 NLP25-7612J VS6
HPS15 LPS253-C MP1 NLP25-7617J VS8
HPS35 LPS254-C MP4 NLP25-7624J VS9
HPS3KW LPS255-C MP6 NLP25-7629J XL200-3601/4601
IMP1 LPS352-C  MP8 NLP40  
IMP4 LPS353-C N1204-1XXX NLP40-7605J  
IMP8 LPS354-C NFD475-6630E NLP40-7608J  
IVS1 LPS355 NFS110 NLP40-7610J  

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