Below is a list of any Arch power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.



ABR300U-12S AQF120O-12S AQF360E-12S AQFC480U-12S MQF240U-24S
ABR300U-24S AQF120O-15S AQF360E-24S AQFC480U-24S MQF240U-48S
ABR300U-28S AQF120O-24S AQF360E-36S AQFC480U-36S MQF500E-12S
ABR300U-48S AQF120O-48S AQF360E-48S AQFC480U-48S MQF500E-15S
AES60E-12S AQF120O-5S AQF360E-54S AQFV480E-12S  MQF500E-24S
AES60E-15S AQF120U-12S AQF360F-12S AQFV480E-24S MQF500E-48S
AES60E-24S AQF120U-15S AQF360F-24S AQFV480E-36S MQF500O-12S
AES60E-48S AQF120U-24S AQF360F-36S AQFV480E-48S MQF500O-15S
AES60E-5S AQF120U-48S AQF360F-48S AQFV480F-12S MQF500O-24S
AES60E-9S AQF120U-5S AQF360F-54S AQFV480F-24S MQF500O-48S
AES60O-12S AQF150E-12S AQF360U-12S AQFV480F-36S MQF500U-12S
AES60O-15S AQF150E-15S AQF360U-24S AQFV480F-48S MQF500U-15S
AES60O-24S AQF150E-24S AQF360U-36S AQFV480U-12S MQF500U-24S
AES60O-48S AQF150E-3.3S AQF360U-48S AQFV480U-24S MQF500U-48S
AES60O-5S  AQF150E-48S AQF360U-54S AQFV480U-36S MQF700-12S
AES60O-9S AQF150E-5S AQF500-12S AQFV480U-48 MQF700-24S
AES60U-12S AQF160-12S AQF500-24S MQF120E-12S MQF700-28S
AES60U-15S AQF160-15S AQF500-48S MQF120E-24S MQF700-48S
AES60U-24S AQF160-24S AQF600-12S MQF120E-48S SZA100-12S
AES60U-48S AQF160-48S AQF600-24S MQF120O-12S SZA100-15S
AES60U-5S AQF240 U-12S AQF600-48S MQF120O-24S SZA100-24S
AES60U-9S AQF240 U-15S AQF600-54S MQF120O-48S SZA100-48S
AQF100C-12S AQF240 U-24S AQF700-12S MQF120U-12S SZA100-5S
AQF100C-15S AQF240 U-28S AQF700-15S MQF120U-24S SZA60O-12S
AQF100C-24S AQF240 U-32S AQF700-24S MQF120U-4 SZA60O-15S
AQF100C-48S AQF240 U-36S AQF700-28S MQF240E-12S SZA60O-24S
AQF100O-12S AQF240 U-48S AQF700-48S MQF240E-15S SZA60O-48S
AQF100O-15S AQF240 U-5S AQFC480E-12S MQF240E-24S SZA60O-5S
AQF100O-24S AQF240E12S AQFC480E-24S MQF240E-48S SZA60U-12S
AQF100O-48S AQF240E15S AQFC480E-36S MQF240O-12S SZA60U-15S
AQF120E-12S AQF240E24S AQFC480E-48S MQF240O-15S SZA60U-24S
AQF120E-15S AQF240E28S AQFC480F-12S MQF240O-24S SZA60U-48S
AQF120E-24S AQF240E32S AQFC480F-24S MQF240O-48S SZA60U-5S
AQF120E-48S AQF240E36S AQFC480F-36S MQF240U-12S
AQF120E-5S AQF240E48S AQFC480F-48S MQF240U-15S

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