Below is a list of any  All PSU  power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.










Rs-15-3.3 RSP-75-27 SP-100-27 HRP-150-5 RSP-200-36
RS-15-5 RSP-75-48 SP-100-48 HRP-150-7.5 RSP-200-48
RS-15-12 HRP-75-3.3 HRP-100-3.3 HRP-150-12 SP-200-3.3
RS-15-15 HRP-75-5 HRP-100-5 HRP-150-15 SP-200-5
RS-15-24 HRP-75-7.5 HRP-100-7.5 HRP-150-24 SP-200-7.5
RS-15-48 HRP-75-12 HRP-100-12 HRP-150-36 SP-200-12
RS-25-3.3 HRP-75-15 HRP-100-15 HRP-150-48 SP-200-13.5
RS-25-5 HRP-75-24 HRP-100-24 SP-150-3.3 SP-200-15
RS-25-12 HRP-75-36 HRP-100-36 SP-150-5 SP-200-24
RS-25-15 HRP-75-48 HRP-100-48 SP-150-7.5 SP-200-27
RS-25-24 RS-75-3.3 RS-100-3.3 SP-150-12 SP-200-48
RS-25-48 RS-75-5 RS-100-5 SP-150-13.5 HRP-200-3.3
RS-35-3.3 RS-75-12 RS-100-12 SP-150-15 HRP-200-5
RS-35-5 RS-75-15 RS-100-15 SP-150-24 HRP-200-7.5
RS-35-12 RS-75-24 RS-100-24 SP-150-27 HRP-200-12
RS-35-15 RS-75-48 RS-100-48 SP-150-48 HRP-200-15
RS-35-24 PLA100F-12 AQF120E-12S RS-150-3.3 HRP-200-24
RS-35-48 PLA100F-15 AQF120E-24S RS-150-5 HRP-200-36
RS-50-3.3 PLA100F-24 AQF120E-48S RS-150-12 HRP-200-48
RS-50-5 PLA100F-36 PLA150F-12 RS-150-15 AQF240E-12S
RS-50-12 PLA100F-48 PLA150F-15 RS-150-24 AQF240E-15S
RS-50-15 RSP-100-3.3 PLA150F-24 RS-150-48 AQF240E-24S
RS-50-24 RSP-100-5 PLA150F-36 AQF120E-5S(180) AQF240E-28S
RS-50-48 RSP-100-7.5 PLA150F-48 AQF120E-12S(180) AQF240E-32S
AES60E-5S RSP-100-12 RSP-150-3.3 AQF120E-15S(180) AQF240E-36S
AES60E-9S RSP-100-13.5 RSP-150-5 AQF120E-24S(180) AQF240E-48S
AES60E-12S RSP-100-15 RSP-150-7.5 AQF120E-48S(180) SP-240-5
AES60E-15S RSP-100-24 RSP-150-12 RSP-200-2.5 SP-240-7.5
AES60E-24S RSP-100-27 RSP-150-13.5 RSP-200-3.3 SP-240-12
AES60E-48S RSP-100-48 RSP-150-15 RSP-200-4 SP-240-15
RSP-75-3.3 SP-100-3.3 RSP-150-24 RSP-200-5 SP-240-24
RSP-75-5 SP-100-5 RSP-150-27 RSP-200-7.5 SP-240-30
RSP-75-7.5 SP-100-7.5 RSP-150-48 RSP-200-12 SP-240-48
RSP-75-12 SP-100-12 SPV-150-12 RSP-200-13.5  
RSP-75-13.5 SP-100-13.5 SPV-150-24 RSP-200-15  
RSP-75-15 SP-100-15 SPV-150-48 RSP-200-24  
RSP-75-24 SP-100-24 HRP-150-3.3 RSP-200-27