Below is a list of any Advance Power / Advance International  power supplies we have repaired here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Advance International







16RD12068 F20172-024 MMG5-10 NS044048 NS360012
AWF1000F F20172-027 MMG5-5 NS055005 NS360024
AWF1000G F20172-048 NA055P300 NS055012 NS360048
AWF1000J F20172-054 NA055P301 NS055015 NS360056
AWF1000L F20173-012 NA055P302 NS055024 NS700012
AWF1000M F20173-013 NA055P400 NS055056 NS700012/M
AWS1000F F20173-024 NA055P401 NS075005 NS700012/W
AWS1000G F20173-027 NA055P403 NS075012 NS700024
AWS1000L F20173-048 NA055P413 NS075015 NS700024/M
AWS1000N F20173-054 NA110P300 NS075024 NS700028
AWS100J GS600-12 NA110P302 NS075048 NS700028/M
BWN1200 GS60024 NA110P400 NS075056 NS700048
BWN2000 GS60048 NA110P401 NS110005 NS700048/M
F20042 MG12-10C NA110P402 NS110012 NS700048/W
F20170-012 MG12-20C NA110P403 NS110015 NS700056
F20170-013 MG15-16C NA110P500 NS110024 NS700056/M
F20170-024 MG15-8C NA110P501 NS110056 NS700056/W
F20170-027 MG24-10C NA140P300 NS140005 NW700024/W
F20170-048 MG24-5C NA140P401 NS140012 NW700028/W
F20170-054 MG48-5C NA140P500 NS140015 TWC0400H27
F20171-012 MG5-20C NA140P501 NS140024 TWC0400H54
F20171-013 MG5-40C NA200P401 NS140030 TWC0600H24
F20171-024 MMG12-2.5 NA200P500 NS140048 TWC0600H27
F20171-027 MMG12-5 NA200P502 NS140056 VWF350FJJ
F20171-048 MMG15-2 NA300R500 NS240012 VWF350GJJ
F20171-054 MMG15-4 NA300R505 NS240024
F20172-012 MMG24-1.4 NF350R500 NS240048
F20172-013 MMG24-2.5 NF500R500 NS240056

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