Below is a list of any Acopian power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.









1.50E+42 1365B 20PH32 28PT19M 45PT5
2787 13PH43 20PT10 2PH30 48PT10
2928 13PT16 20PT23 2PT20 48PT15
1.20E+21 14PT12 22PT10 3.3PH32 48PT5
1.5PH60 150PT2 24J100 3.3PH60 50PT10
1.5PT20 150PT3 24PH15 3.3PT20 50PT5
100PT3 15D40 24PH30 32PT5 51212T5A
100PT4 15GT100D 24PT10 32U40 512D5
10PH25 15PH19 24PT10AF 34PT10 512D5A
10PH50 15PH40 24PT10AFH 36PT10 512D9A
10PT20 15PT10 24PT10F 36PT5 51515T5
120PT2 15PT25 24PT20 38PT10 51515T5S
120PT3 16PT10 24PT20FH 38PT5 51515T6
125PT2 18J40 24WB210 3PH60 51515T9
125PT3 18PH18 25PT10 3V51212T6 55PT
12PH22 18PH36 26PT10 3V51515T6A 55PT5
12PH45  18PT10 270-3123-020 3V51515T9 5EB250
12PT17 18PT24 28PH14 40PT10 5PH32
12PT33 20PH16 28PT10 45PT10 5PH60



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