Below is a list of any Acme Electric Corp power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acme Electric Corp










03F5508 500202-01 HF Series  PL-1-70605 PS63535
060-0026-002 500300-01 HF163872 PL170606 PS-63535
0000175160 B 500502-01 HF-1-63872 PL170608 PS-64545
107301 500B HF-75064 PL-1-70608 S-1200
15AO177 5147958 HF75104 PL70973A SPS 60
19B801020P3 60B12H HF75143 PL-70973-A SPS-220-24/28
200 770902 HF-75417 PS 63307 SPS-30-5
200C 99229 HF-75703 PS 63534 SPS40T-51515
200C Series AM-405B HF-75735 PS Series  SPS-602428
200B20HA C-119149 HF-75735-F PS2L-1500 SPS-85010
200B24H CPS 250-28 HF-75735-G PS-3307 SPS-85010-0
251A CPS120-250-M350C HF-75735-N PS59134 SPS-85010-B
259A9442P2 CPS250-28 HF-75753 PS-59134 SPS-85011
25A1-9100000 DF SERIES HF75781 PS-59426 SS-1-61350
25A4-9122100 DF Series (Most) HF-75781-A PS-59462 SWS-1520Q-10
400A DH-1-75043 HF-75781-C PS-59463 SWS152-15Z
400A Series DH-75044 HF-75781-F PS-59673 SWS152-28
400A914210 HE-1-75720-REV D HF-75781-G PS-59701 SWS152-5
400A9142210 HF 63923 LSWQ11046 PS61668 SWS152-5DZ
400A-9142210 HF 75103 LSWS20010 PS-61668 SWS152Q10
400A-9142214 HF 75112 LSWT-4030 PS6307 SWS-152Q-12
400A9142334 HF 75143 NPS103 PS63171 SWS-2525D
400A-9142334 HF 75735 NPS104 PS-63171 SWS325T5/5/12
400A9143316 HF 75781-F NPSI03 PS-63464  
400A-9143316 HF SERIES PL170605 PS63534  

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