Below is a list of any AcBel power supplies we are able to repair here at Avanti Power Repairs Ltd. If your model is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.



25977 API-6068 HB9008 PC7054 PCA026
1180306 API-8855 HB9009 PC7055 PCA027
614-0293 API-9841-291 HB9010 PC7056 PCB007
AP12PC63 CP021060-01 HB9011 PC7057 PCB008
API0FS17 FES018 HB9012 PC7058 PCB009
API1FS28 FSB009 HB9013 PC7061 PCB010
API1FS61 FSC002 HB9014 PC7062 PCB025
API2 FSO7 FSC012 HB9015 PC7063 PCB026
API3PC56 FSC048 HB9016 PC8029 PCB027
API3PC57 FSD005 HB9017 PC8030 PCB029
API3PCC7 FSD015 HB9018 PC8031 PCB039
API3PCC8 FSD056 HB9019 PC8032 PCB040
API4OT57-000 FSD057 HB9020 PC8033 PCB041
API4PC01 FSD059 HB9021 PC8034 PCB042
API4PC02 FSE001 HB9022 PC8035 PCB043
API4PC03 FSE023 HB9023 PC8036 PCB044
API4PC04 FSE028 HB9024 PC8037 PCC007
API4PC23 FSE037 HBC002 PC8038 PCD003
API4PC24 FSE048 OT9002 PC8039 PCD004
API4PC25 FSE049 PC6018 PC8054 PCD013
API4PC26 FSE052 PC6022 PC8055 PCD014
API4PC27 FSF003 PC6024 PC8059 PCD015
API4PC28 FSF007 PC7004 PC9015 SGB001
API4PC67 FSF028 PC7005 PC9016 SGB013
API4PC68 FSF030 PC7006 PC9020 SGE024
API4PC74 FSF044 PC7007 PC9025 ST7002
API5PC03 FSF048 PC7008 PC9026 ST7016
API5PC04 FSF055 PC7009 PCA007 ST8006
API5PC15 FSF056 PC7010 PCA008 ST8007
API5PC16 FSF059 PC7011 PCA009 ST8009
API5PC17 FSF061 PC7012 PCA010 ST8013
API5PC18 HB1001 PC7013 PCA011 ST8015
API5PC36 HB1002 PC7014 PCA012 ST8016
API5PC37 HB1003 PC7016 PCA013 ST8017
API5PC38 HB1004 PC7017 PCA014 上品260
API5PC45 HB9001 PC7018 PCA016 上品300
API5PC46 HB9002 PC7019 PCA017 上品300網吧版
API5PC47 HB9003 PC7020 PCA018 上品350
API5PC48 HB9004 PC7030 PCA022 上品400
API5PC63 HB9005 PC7037 PCA023 上品450
API-6012 HB9006 PC7047 PCA024 上品550
API-6057-042 HB9007 PC7052 PCA025 魔王500