RPTG-160 Series

Medical applications
IT applications
RPTG-160 Series Features
Universal AC input
Built-in active PFC function
Short circuit, over load, over voltage, over temperature protections
5″x3″ compact size
Free air convection for 100W and 145W with 20.5 CFM forced air
With power good and fail signal output
Built-in remote sense function for 5~15V
No load power consumption under 0.75W by PS-ON control
Standby 5V@0.8A with Fan/0.6A without Fan
Approval: UL / CUL / TUV / CE / CB
Part Number Voltage Current (amps) Power (watts)
RPTG-160-A 5V 14A 99W
12V 6A
-5V 1A
RPTG-160-B 5V 14A 98.4W
12V 5A
-12V 1A
RPTG-160-C 5V 14A 99W
15V 4A
-15V 1A
RPTG-160-D 5V 11A 98.2W
12V 5A
24V 1.2A

RPTG-160 Series is a green triple output power supply that can fulfil the requirements of general medical or industrial applications, with additional PS-ON control, 5V/0.8A standby output and 0.75W of no-load-power-consumption it can be implemented into all kinds of end systems.