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90-305VAC Input
Constant voltage PWM form output
Built-in active PFC function
0-10VDC or PWM input signal dimming functions
0-100% dimming range
Short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protections
Low no load power consumption
Class II power unit, no FG
Suitable for dry, damp or wet locations
5 year warranty

Part Number

Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)


12V 7.5A 90W


24V 3.75A


PWM-90-36 36V 2.5A


PWM-90-48 48V 1.88A


PWM-90 Series are 90W constant voltage output LED lighting power supplies, available in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V outputs. What separates this range from other DC output power supplies is that the output is transmitted in the form of PWM, adapting to directly drive LED lighting strips and ensuring that the colour temperature is maintained throughout the length of strip and that the brightness homogeneity can be assured. PWM-90 have a universal input range of 90VAC to 305VAC and incorporates PFC functionality; the series is also designed with a 2 in 1 dimming function of 1-10Vdc or PWM signal, simplifying brightness adjustment for system designers.