LED Lighting
Moving Signs and Back Lighting
Outdoor or Harsh Environment


Universal AC input
Fully isolated plastic case with IP64 level
Built-in constant current limiting circuit with adjustable OCP level
Short circuit, Overload, Over voltage, Over temperature protections
Built-in active PFC function
IP64 design for indoor or outdoor installations
UL1310,Class 2 power unit
Cooling by free air convection
100% full load burn-in test
High reliability
Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting

Part Number Voltage (max) Current (amps) Power (watts)
PLN-45-12 12V 3.8A 45.6W
PLN-45-15 15V 3A 45W
PLN-45-20 20V 2.3A 46W
PLN-45-24 24V 1.9A 45.6W
PLN-45-27 27V 1.7A 45.9W
PLN-45-36 36V 1.25A 45W
PLN-45-48 48V 0.95A 45.6W

A 45W AC/DC enclosed type switching power supply with universal AC input and active PFC function. These limited power sources comply with UL 1310 Class II that under any situation the output power will be less than 100VA to 5A. The high IP64 level design can protect the electronic components from dust and moisture damage and making it useable for indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to the simplified single stage PFC topology the required high power factor for the lighting industry can be achieved economically. Efficiencies are as high as 87.5% and hence can operate between -30°C and +50°C using only free air convection.